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Zach and Kinessa’s Wedding at Zenith Vineyard

Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photographer

For many people, working with a wedding photographer can be a stressful or uncomfortable occasion.  So one of the best compliments we get from a bride is that we made her feel comfortable in front of the camera.  And that’s what Kinessa told us after her wedding: that she hates being in front of the camera, but with us she felt safe and comfortable.  Which makes us feel good.  (We had an engagement portrait session together a couple months before the wedding, too, which helped warm her up for the wedding day.)

Candy also makes us feel good.  And a candy bar at a wedding is a lot of fun for everyone!  Check out the detail below of the Hershey’s Kisses Zach and Kinessa served, with their names and wedding date on the bottom!

FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-3FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-2
FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-4

We always enjoy working with AJ’s Hair Design and Makeup at weddings.  Their team of stylists does such a great job, and they’re always so pleasant to be around.  Everyone loves them!

FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-5FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-6

Other wedding venues should take note: it doesn’t take guys long to get ready for a wedding.  So the fact that Zenith Vineyard has a pinball machine in the men’s dressing room (along with other goodies) is brilliant!  Every time we photograph a wedding at Zenith Vineyard, the guys are in there playing pinball and goofing around prior to the wedding.


Meanwhile, the girls are getting dressed.  And writing on each other’s shoes, as Kinessa’s bridesmaids did for her:

FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-7FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-8Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photographers

Kinessa and Zach were married at Zenith Vineyard, outside of Salem, Oregon, in December, which can be a cold, gray, and wet month for weddings in Oregon.  And it was cold, wet, and gray.  But we took advantage of a break in the rain, and made some beautiful outdoor portraits on the vineyard grounds, nonetheless.  It really helps that Zenith is both large, and beautiful, so there are many places to photograph there, even in inclement weather.  (It also helps that our team of experienced professional wedding photographers knows how to light things well, even at dusk on a winter’s day in Oregon!)

(It also helps that Kinessa is really beautiful.)

FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-11

You can’t see him here, but one of Zach’s groomsmen, Chad, is in the gully behind that rock wall, holding our flash up.  Now that is some dedication; a true friend.

And yes, Zach and his guys all wore superhero socks.

FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-12Zenith Vineyard Wedding PhotographyZenith Vineyard Wedding Photographer

The wedding coordinators at Zenith Vineyard were so gracious; they let us photograph the bride and groom and wedding party in the vineyard’s wine cellar.  If you know how to light it right, it’s a beautiful space for wedding photos!
Zenith Vineyard Wedding PhotographyFritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-16FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-17FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding-18

After the ceremony, the toasts and dance party were both a lot of fun.

And so was our PhotoBooth!  I think more people were in the Photobooth than were on the dance floor!

FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photobooth-1FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photobooth-1FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding PhotoboothFritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding PhotoboothFritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photobooth-5FritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photobooth-PhotosFritzPhoto-Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photographers

Zach and Kinessa, thank you for letting us be part of your wedding day.  It was a real honor to be your wedding photographers!


Are you looking for a Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photographer?  Contact us today; we would love to be your wedding photographers!


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