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Ryan & Brianna’s Stunning Vancouver Wedding

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From the moment I met them, I liked them.  I laughed so hard when we talked that I could hardly converse!

Ryan is half-way through med school in Cali and will make an excellent pediatrician.  Brianna, a perfect match, is an active nurse and balances out his orneryness with her bubbly laugh and beautiful eyes. When they are together, you’re just swept into the smiles, I swear they’re contagious.

Aside from a stunning wedding venue in Vancouver, Washington, that looked straight out of England, I was delighted with the details. You can see Brianna’s handiwork everywhere you turn. From the hanging crystal canopy to the Bureau of Standards Big Band kicking out the dance tunes.  Amazing night.  She looked like a queen thanks to stylist Caprice Hammon and Bridal Exclusives with stunning gown from Allure.

I will remember the way Ryan’s eyes overflowed as Brianna walked down the aisle, the way her Dad gave her one last kiss as he gave her away, the tearful toasts and the abundant laughter. Thank you Ryan and Brianna for including me on this once-in-a-lifetime event.


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