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The Yorkshire Dales

We’ve been in England for a week, off on our little adventure in Europe. I’ve been photographing quite a bit, but mostly for stock, and one event, but little of personal, artistic interest. But I’ll share a couple photos here:

We spent all afternoon yesterday hiking through the sheep pastures here in the Yorkshire Dales. We’ve wanted to do this for some time, having been James Herriot (‘All Creatures Great and Small’) fans for many years. It’s as beautiful, quaint, and delightful as imagined. What a fantastic system they have here of public footpaths and rights of way through pastures and fields and fells, historic ruins and rubbish burn piles, sheep folds, farmers, marshy bogs. The dry stone walls fascinate me, and there are thousands of miles of them in England. It’s hard to imagine men building them, stone upon stone, up hill and down dale. Beautiful.

And here is my creepy photo of the day, of two sweet little lambs here on the farm where we are staying for a few days….

The sheep are generally as placid and stupid as reputed. Although yesterday, as we hiked, we passed through a stone wall just as the farmer was passing behind us on his ATV. The sheep in the field we were entering heard him and, assuming supper was here, started charging the wall we we in front of. They leapt up top of this 5 foot wall, and on over. But when the children we were hiking with got in their way, the sheep became confused, began charging us, swerved around us, and lept some brambles to our side. It was a funny moment, being charged by horned Swaledale sheep headed for supper. We had a good laugh.

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