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The PhotoBooth Just Gets Better

When you hear the word “Photobooth,” I’m sure you think of the old vertical box that you squeeze into, draw the curtain, and ham it up for 4 pictures.  You step out, and wait for the strip of 4 little images to roll out of the printer.  And that’s that.

We’ve taken the PhotoBooth to a new level.  Instead of a box, we bring along a little studio setup, 8 feet wide, with a fashion lighting kit.  When we set it up at a wedding or event, and start shooting, it becomes one of the main attractions.  People gather around to watch their friends and family goof around, while we take photo after photo of them.

This past week, Allison and Jared added another level of fun to the PhotoBooth: they brought along a couple of whiteboards, and let their friends and family sketch out notes and drawings on them.  We had more than half the wedding guests crowded around the PhotoBooth area for almost two hours, as they took picture after picture, the next one more creative than the last.  What a hoot.

Allison’s idea of the whiteboards was great.  We’re brainstorming other ideas for even more fun: what if we had a box of costumes for people to dress up in?  Or other props to play with?  Really, the possibilities are as endless as your party-planning imagination.  Give us a call, and we’ll bring the PhotoBooth to your wedding or event!

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