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A few more images from photographing on the beach in San Francisco. These contemplative observations take in the light and land. There’s a poem here, about love, forgotten, remembered. Let me know if you hear it; I’d like to read what you write…. . This sign was posted along the boardwalk at regular intervals. It...

I spent the afternoon walking the beach in San Francisco, photographing as I went along.  This is some of the more enjoyable, leisurely, delightful photography I do.  I love to watch people and photograph them, photograph the light.  It’s an excercize in seeing. Surfer from the Midwest Lost in Thought Waiting Blonde Pink Diarama All...

From the boardwalk at the Bay end of Golden Gate Park. Like notes on a sheet of music…. All photographs and content is Copyright Fritz Liedtke. Please do not copy or re-use them. To do so is a violation of federal copyright law, and will be prosecuted.

I received an email from a customer this week, whose wedding I will be photographing next summer at Youngberg Hill Vineyard, in Yamhill County, Oregon. She and her fiance just moved to the Bay Area, and she was asking in her email if I had any suggestions regarding who might be a good photographer to...

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