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Abbie’s Senior Photos on the St Johns Bridge!

St Johns Bridge Senior Photo

Abbie’s senior photos on the St Johns Bridge in Portland

Portland Senior Photos on the St Johns Bridge

Abbie asked if we could take some of her senior photos on the St Johns Bridge, and we thought that was a great idea.  Actually, it turned out to be rather challenging, with all of the very loud traffic rushing by, just inches from our elbows.  But we did it!  And those classic arches in the background of her senior pictures were worth the walk.

Portland Cathedral Park senior photos

Sunset High School Senior Photos

As we walked around Portland’s Cathedral Park for her senior photo session, we talked about the things Abbie is passionate about.  This cheerleader at Sunset High School loves being in front of the crowds, and also adventuring with her friends and family.  Here’s some of what she told su


Portland senior photos with graffiti

Sunset High School Cheerleader

“I’m a cheerleader, specifically a flyer, so I’m the one that gets tossed in the air. I’ve been doing cheer for now 3 years, and won an all american award at my cheer camp last year. I love football and basketball games, being in front of a crowd doing what I love is amazing!”⁠

Cathedral Park senior photo

Favorite Hobbies?

“Hanging out with my friends is definitely my favorite, we go on a lot of adventures, just recently we went to Hagg Lake. But also trying out new food places.”


Portland's Cathedral Park senior photo

Any Recent Travel?

“I went to Hawaii a couple years ago and experiencing the culture was truly life changing. Hawaii is the most amazing place I’ve ever been!”

Portland Cathedral Park senior photo

Portland Senior Photos at Cathedral Park

Whie we were taking Abbie’s senior pictures in Portland’s Cathedral Park, we came across this funky car in a parking lot next to the bridge. We couldn’t pass it up for a photo op.

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Portland senior photos with old car

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