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Stories from London Town

This is London City Hall, with the Tower Bridge over the Thames in the background. I attended a press briefing at City Hall this morning, for the Olympic Torch Relay, which will happen this Sunday through 30 miles of London. I’ve been hired by a firm in HongKong to shoot video of the torch relay for a production they are creating on the life of Olympic champion Eric Liddel, of Chariots of Fire fame. Should be an exciting day of tromping around the city through the crowds, and getting some interesting images for their documentary. I’m excited. And I get an official press badge.

After the press briefing, I wandered over the Tower Bridge to the Tower of London. It’s the famous tower/castle/armory/palace/warehouse/torture chamber/menagerie of medieval London, begun in 1066 by William the Conqueror. Perhaps it is most famous for being the place where kings imprisoned and eventually executed such ‘traitors’ and enemies of the state as Ann Boleyn, Thomas More, Henry VI, Guy Fawkes, Lady Jane Gray, and child Princes Edward and Richard sons of Edward IV. It is the latter, the child princes, that I find most interesting at the moment. Especially because, outside the Tower, in what used to be the moat, there is now a colorful but entirely forlorn playground. I can’t help but look at it, and think of those two boys who were imprisoned and eventually murdered here, never to be seen again….

Speaking of children, London tourist attractions are filled with children, most from England and France. Sometimes, as I wander about reading signs, looking at the sights, and taking photographs, kids will tentatively yell out, “Hello!” And I say hello back. And then, if they are courageous, these French students will try a few English phrases on me, as these high schoolers did. We talked for a few sentences about where they were from, how long they are here, where I am from (“America! Oooh, a long way.”). I even got to practice some of my French on them, saying, “I do not speak French” quite fluently. We were all pleased.

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