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Skeleton in the Closet at Boise State University

Eating Disorder Awareness Art

Boise State University hosted Skeleton in the Closet for the months of January and February, 2011.  It was a beautiful show, located in the BSU Student Union Building Art Gallery.  This was the first show of the series on eating disorders for which I added the audio component.  Played softly over the gallery’s PA system, the voices of people telling their stories–the same stories as are in the show–added a haunting, secretive texture to the viewing experience.

I was invited to come over to Boise for the opening reception, and to speak to an audience that evening as well.  My presentation on eating disorders and art was well received.

Both print and online media ran several stories on the show.  You can read a brief review from Boise Weekly here.

I’m always moved by the response of viewers.  Here are a few of the many notes left in the guestbook:

Very powerful, and puts things into perspective.

Powerful; needs to be show in lots of places where it can do good.

Bleak evidence of a clear and present threat to our children.  To my daughter.

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