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Senior Style Guide


Thank you so much for choosing us to be your senior photographer!  Let’s create something amazing together!

This guide contains useful tips on how to prepare for your session. Please take a few minutes to browse through these tips. Careful planning and teamwork are a big part of what makes a senior session successful.

Let’s get started!



Now that you’ve booked your session, it’s time to prepare your clothes, props, and hair and makeup! Read on for great tips on preparing for the perfect shoot….


We’ll meet up at the location you’ve selected and begin shooting. This is a fun and relaxed session, so don’t stress or worry about anything.

Always remember to bring everything you might need during the session, such as extra clothing and accessories, water, chapstick, touch-up makeup, wet wipes, a brush, and a parent or guardian.


Relax and unwind! Or since you’ll look so great, go out on the town!

Next thing to do: schedule your in-studio Portrait Reveal and Ordering Session with us. At this session, we’ll show you all the final images on the big-screen, look at beautiful portrait books, canvas and metal prints for your walls, and prints for your family and friends.

You can prepare for this Reveal and Ordering Session by thinking about where you’d like to put photos in your home, who you’d like to give gifts to for Christmas (think Grandparents and Aunties!), who you want to give wallet prints to, etc. Share the love!


Senior photos what to wear


Okay, so the big question is: What do I wear for my photo shoot? Planning ahead with your clothing will make for a successful shoot and gorgeous images. Here are some suggestions for selecting outfits:

Wear You: This shoot is all about you: your style, your personality, your senior year. Wear clothes that you love. But also wear clothes that make you feel great! Go shopping if you need to! Buy something new that you love! Bring along what makes you look and feel fabulous!

Consider color: You can never go wrong when choosing neutrals for your outfit. Start with these neutral colors: denim, black, white, or gray. Then, you can add color to that! But if bright color is your thing, bring that too! Having a variety of options with you on the shoot day allows us to create a beautiful variety of images that make you look great!

Include layers: It’s always a good idea to consider layers especially in the colder months. A sweater or jean jacket would look cute over a lovely top.

Accessorize: Adding or removing accessories can completely alter the appearance of an outfit without changing your entire style! Consider hats, scarves, bracelets, statement necklaces, earrings, and scarves for your hair. Options are great, so bring more than you think you’ll need!

Variety: Make sure you have a range of styles to choose from! Consider the following classifications: dressy, casual, edgy, fashionable, school- or sports-related, etc.


  • A strapless bra if you want to wear a strapless top or dress
  • Suitable footwear that matches each outfit
  • Complimentary layers (jackets, vests, scarves)
  • Interesting textures (leather jackets, fur vests, lace, sheers, sequins, etc)
  • For gals, consider bringing a long flowing dress that you can spin in!


  • Clothing that is wrinkled. Pack carefully, and don’t stuff everything into a bag!
  • Busy patterns – camo, plaid, etc.
  • Bra straps that are visible
  • Clothes with large logos or lettering
  • Worn-out or dirty footwear
  • Excessively revealing skirts, dresses, or shorts
  • Too many outfits of the same style or color

portland oregon senior photo style guide hair and makeup


For ladies, your hair and makeup are an important component of a senior session! Even light makeup can help hide blemishes, accentuate your eyes and lips, and improve the final photos.

If you plan to have your hair and makeup done by a professional, make sure to schedule those appointments well in advance and pick a time that will allow for some flexibility if the appointment takes longer than expected.

If you’re used to wearing makeup, do what you feel great in.  If you’re used to no makeup or just a light tinted moisturizer with mascara, don’t go for big false lashes, deep contour, and overdrawn lips; you won’t feel like yourself. But remember that even light makeup can help photos look great by hiding blemishes and accentuating your eyes and lips. Do whatever makes the most sense to you and will make you feel confident in your photos!

If you’re doing your own makeup, make sure your foundation matches your skin well, and that you blend it in at the edges. Be sure to bring a simple touch-up kit, too, in case you need to reapply your lips or touch-up a blemish, or address some shine. If you have frizzy hair, bring some anti-frizz spray and/or hairspray to apply during the shoot.

Don’t forget your nails too (both fingers and toes)!

Other things to consider bringing:

  • Touch-up stuff: lipstick, makeup, blotting paper.
  • A comb or brush and hairspray. If your hair is frizzy, bring anti-frizz spray!
  • An easy way to carry your things.  Bags, hangers, etc. But please don’t stuff all your clothes into a bag and wrinkle them!
  • Hair ties or accessories, if you want different hairstyles.
  • A parent or friend to help carry your things.


We love props! Particularly those that are an important part of who you are. They can greatly enhance a photograph and give it more of a story. You’ll be looking at these pictures in ten or twenty years and remembering how you looked and felt then. You’re welcome to bring sport equipment, jerseys, uniforms, medals, musical instruments, dance shoes, books, vehicles, signs, well-behaved pets, hobbies, etc.

If you do bring a pet with you, you’ll need to bring a few additional items: a leash or cage, treats, and a third person to care for your pet while we’re not photographing with them.


We love it when we can photograph you with a friend or family member.  Be sure that whoever comes with you comes ready to be photographed.  Don’t let your mom wear her house slippers and jammies!  A beautiful photo with your parent, sibling, or best friend is a fun addition to any senior photo session.  And it’s free!


Now that you have all our best tips and tricks, here are some photos for inspiration related to clothing, props, family, and hair and makeup.  We can’t wait to see what you bring!


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