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Sarah & John’s Winter Wedding at Oregon Golf Club


Winter in Oregon is often a wet and soggy affair.  But for Sarah and John’s December wedding, we ended up with a lovely, dry day in which to photograph.  While cold, we still had a great time, both indoors and out.  Especially considering we were at the lovely Oregon Golf Club. Sarah’s maid of honor–her sister Becca–was kind enough to hold a light for us (that lovely backlight in the image above).  So we gave her some credit by adding her in to the photo below:

John and Sarah’s wedding party was a lot of fun to work with.  Composed of both siblings and friends, they took good care of Sarah and John, and also made sure everyone had a lot of fun.

This was the first time we’d seen this: for their guestbook table, John and Sarah asked everyone to write them some marital advice on little cards.  Each card was marked with a different anniversary, from their first, to some decades from now.  On each anniversary, they plan to open the cards and read the notes.  A great way to remember the people at your wedding, the vows you took, and the collected wisdom of your friends and family.  Brilliant.

John’s sister had a baby–her first–just 7 days prior to the wedding.  That didn’t stop her from being a bridesmaid, and staying for the whole party.  We were totally impressed!John and Sarah, thank you for letting us tell your love story!  We were honored to be with you.  Many blessings on your new life together.  Congratulations from your friends at FritzPhoto!

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