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Roxanah Hannah * Portrait of a Mobile Marketing Genius

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The longer I am a photographer, the more I realize it really is a small world.

Roxana Hannah recently contacted me, wanting to create some new portraits for her professional branding.  She said in her email that she was “looking for something original and not static… that’s why I’m contacting you.”  Perfect; I hate static, and love original.  So we started talking about what we could do, and then it dawned on me: Roxana and I went to art school together.  We discovered that her time at PNCA studying painting overlapped with my time there studying photography.  Small world.

undefinedThe funny thing is, I remember thinking back in school that she’d be a great person to photograph, but I never had opportunity to create any portraits of her.  And now was my chance.

We met up at a location in downtown Portland that I’d arranged for, and had a great time creating some beautiful portraits of this spunky, go-getter of a woman.  (While we were there to photograph, we ran into another PNCA alum!)  As we worked together, we talked about her business, which is really interesting.  She’s very enthusiastic about her work helping people succeed in mobile and internet marketing, and her enthusiasm is contagious.  Her website,, is full of useful information and inspiration on the subject.   Be sure to visit it, and while you’re there, enjoy the beautiful portrait of this beautiful woman adorning the header of her website, taken by yours truly.


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