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Becky and Ryan * Portland Wedding Photographer

Every wedding has it’s touching moments, and as a photographer I am privy to many of them gone unseen by guests. One of these moments was mere minutes before Becky and Ryan’s ceremony. Becky had just gotten into her wedding dress when her mom entered and the two of them walked toward each other without speaking and embraced each other for what seemed like minutes. It was the longest hug I’ve ever witnessed. They just held onto each other with tears running down their cheeks in silence. Afterward, Becky had to touch up her makeup.
Under different circumstances such a long hug might have seemed awkward but in this situation in was perfect. In a way, it’s a bit weird that I was one of the few who witnessed this special moment because I am a stranger among close friends and family. But there I was snapping away the whole time trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Through these moments, it was a great experience getting to know Becky and Ryan. They were as cheerful and easy-going as a couple could be, and the smooth, flawless progression of their wedding day really reflected their personalities. It was only about a month ago that I sat down with Becky for the first time to discuss her wedding, and I learned that she was pulling everything together under a pretty tight schedule because Ryan is in the military. If you had been at the wedding you would have thought that they’d been planning for many more months than they actually did. It was that beautiful; and everything went like clockwork. Congratulations you two!

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