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Portrait Session Print and Book Orders

Let’s make something beautiful with your portraits!

We’ve created this page as a way to help our customers see the various print and book options available to them, when they can’t come in to the studio.  There are so many beautiful things we can make for you with your portraits!

Since we don’t confine our customers to confusing packages or minimums, you’re free to purchase just what you want.  People will often ask what a ‘normal’ order is.  Over the years, we’ve noted that an average order often includes:

  • A Portrait Book.  People love being able to put all of their favorite photos in a beautiful book, and to customize it just how they want.
  • Something for the wall.  This is usually a canvas, metal, or framed print or Wall Collection.  We usually suggest that display prints are 16×20 or larger, so they don’t feel too small on the wall.  Our personal favorite is 20×30.
  • Loose prints for friends, family, and holiday gifts.
  • Sometimes customers want to purchase a few digital files for social media or print use, and we have several options for this.
  • For seniors, they would also order their Yearbook Photo; please contact me to work on this together.

Here’s the info you need to help you decide what will make you the happiest with your portraits:


Portrait Books


senior photo book

Portrait Books are one of our most popular products, because you can fit all of your favorite photos into one place.  Each of our handcrafted books feature:

  • Pages printed on real photographic paper, just like a print we would frame.
  • The photo pages are mounted on thick book board, creating a lay-flat spread.
  • The pages are library-bound into the cover of your choice, making for a truly unique product that feels great in your hand and looks perfect on your coffee table.
  • You pick your favorite photos, and we design and order your book!

senior portrait albums

Books Come in 3 Sizes

We offer portrait books in three sizes:

  • 8×8 inches
  • 10×10 inches
  • 12×12 inches

Photo Cover Options

Our base portrait book comes with a Leatherette cover.  For a small upgrade, you can customize your book with any of these 3 photo cover options:

The Metal Cover
The cover is printed on metal, for a cool, chic look.  The spine and back are covered in leatherette or leather.

The Photo Wrap Cover
The cover is wrapped with the photo of your choice, while the spine and back are covered in leatherette or leather.

The Inset Photo Cover
The cover has a cameo photo inset into the leatherette or leather cover.

Cover Material Options


Our base portrait book comes with a leatherette (artificial leather) material in the color of your choice:

Genuine Leather

Upgrade to genuine leather for the thickness, durability, and feel of the real thing, in the color of your choice:

Download the Portrait Book Order Form

To order your Portrait Book, just download this form.  Follow the instructions on it, and send it back to us.  Plus, we’ll give you 10% off of your Portrait Book order total!

You can also order additional copies of your book for grandparents or friends and family, at a big discount!  Since we’ve already done the design, additional copies receive a 35% discount.  See pricing on the Order Form.

We can’t wait to create a beautiful book for you to hold in your hands!

Portrait Album Order Form


Print Options


Paper Prints

Traditional photo paper prints come in a wide variety of sizes, from Wallets to 30×40 inches.  You can order these prints directly from your web gallery, and they will be shipped right to your door!

Framed Prints

You can also order custom framing right from your web gallery.  A variety of frame styles are offered, with and without matting, and will be professionally framed and delivered right to your door.

Metal Prints


The brilliance of our Metal Prints is amazing! Your photos are printed directly onto high quality coated aluminum for a clean and lasting finish, with a framing system on the back that allows them to stand slightly out from the wall. Our Metal Prints show off vibrant colors in a way no other medium can.  Metal Prints give your home décor an ultra-modern feel. Brighten up any workspace with sleek, stylish, contemporary art.  Metal Prints can be ordered directly from your web gallery!

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints

Canvas Prints are a classic: your portraits, printed directly on real canvas, ready to hang!  Order these from your web gallery.


Wall Collections

Wall Collections are sets of Canvas or Metal prints, designed to be hung together.  Wall Collections are also specially priced to be discounted well below the price of purchasing each image individually.  This is artwork that will bring elegance to your home–an investment that you’ll love for decades to come.  You may order these directly from the studio; they are not available on your Web Gallery.

Collection A

(2) 20×30 and (2)16×20 Canvas or Metal Prints

Normal Price: $1396
Discounted Collection price: $1235

Engagement portrait wall collection in the living room


Collection B

(3) 20×30 Metal or Canvas Prints

Normal Price: $1197
Discounted Collection price: $999

Fall engagement portraits hanging over the couch


Collection C

(4) 16×16 Canvas Prints

Normal Price: $1197
Discounted Collection price: $795

Add framing in black or brown for only $175

Engagement portrait prints in the stairwell


Digital Files

Sometimes customers want to purchase some digital files for social media, printing, or putting in an invitation or announcement.  We have several options for digital files:

  • Social media-sized digital files (lo-res files for use on the web, but not for print) are $45 each.
  • A full set of social media-sized digital files is discounted at $400.
  • Hi-res digital files (for print use, social media, etc.) are $100 each.
  • A full set of hi-res files is discounted at $800.

Digital files are ordered directly from the studio; please email us with your order, and we’ll take care of it!


We’re Here to Help

I hope this ordering guide has been helpful for you.  We’re here to help guide you through the process, so please ask if you have any questions.

As a review:

Order directly from Fritz via email:

  • Portrait Books
  • Wall Collections
  • Digital Files

Order right from your Web Gallery:

  • Paper Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Metal Prints
  • Canvas Prints

Contact us today if you have any questions!


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