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Tayler and Matt’s Wedding at J + J Ranch

Tayler and Matt had a lot of fun at their wedding!

I’ve known Matt for a very long time, and always enjoyed his great sense of humor.  So it was a real pleasure to meet his fiance a few months ago, as we starting planning for their wedding photography.  Tayler was awesome!  They were ‘just friends’ for a very long time, until they both got wise and figured out that they should be more than just friends.  Their wedding was a perfect reflection of this: surrounded by friends and family, and filled with laughter.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding at their friend’s property outside of Portland.

We asked Tayler and Matt to share some favorite memories from their wedding, and here’s what they told us:

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

Right after the ceremony we went to a quiet place to sign the license and we looked at each other and realized we did it! We just got married, it was finally official. 


Can you share a memorable story about an important person at the wedding?

Matt is a huge fan of Converse shoes, its all he wears, he even wore them at the wedding. His mom, who lives on the East Coast and isn’t able to see him very often surprised him by changing into a pair of Converse that matched her dress and came out in them for their dance together. It caught Matt completely off guard and was such a fun surprise for him. 

Matt’s favorite shoes are his Converse, and everyone was on board with it!

J + J Ranch is a beautiful place for a wedding!

Was there something that made you cry at your wedding?

My dad kept tearing up, which made me tear up every time. He doesn’t cry that often. 

Was there something that made you laugh?

My little second cousins are my favorite and right after we were introduced into our reception and sat down, one of them came running on to the dance floor and yelled “HI TAYLER!” in her little 2 year old voice.  

What were your favorite wedding decoration details?

I really loved all the lights that got put up everywhere. We had lights strung over the reception area but also I the barn where all the food was there were string lights and Christmas lights everywhere. It was lovely.

The sweet newlyweds!

Check out Tayler’s boots!

Where did you find your wedding attire?

David’s Bridal and Men’s Wearhouse 

Can you give us a list of vendors?

The only outside vendors we used were As You Wish Catering, Cordial Events for all of our rentals, and United Site Services for our bathroom trailers. The rest were friends helping out. And of course, FritzPhoto was our awesome wedding photographer!

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