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Four Franklin Friends’ High School Senior Photos

Ellie’s senior photos

Four Friends from Franklin 

It’s been a wonderful year for senior photos, in spite of all the craziness associated with Covid, distance learning, social distancing, and a recession.  We’ve had so much fun photographing a diverse group of high school seniors, making the most of their disrupted senior year.  One of the more enjoyable experiences this year has involved photographing senior portraits for a group of friends from Franklin High School.  At first we didn’t even know they were friends….

Carmen’s senior photos

They Just Kept Coming!

I started by photographing Harper’s senior photos, at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge.  I knew she was from Portland’s Franklin High School, but that’s it.  But then Oby came in for her senior photo session, and she mentioned that she knew Harper.  Small world, I thought.

Then Carmen came in for her senior portrait session at the studio, and she mentioned that she was friends with Harper and Oby, and that Oby had referred her.  

And the same day I photographed Carmen’s senior pictures, Ellie called and asked about a session, saying that Carmen had referred her.  I still had a slot open that very day, so with just a couple hours’ notice, she met me at the Refuge for a beautiful evening senior photo session.  It was 42 degrees, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the photos!

Harper’s senior photos

Oby’s senior photos

Referral Rewards for Senior Pictures

We love photographing senior photos so much!  And we love to reward our seniors for their referrals by giving out $20 Dutch Bros gift cards for each one.  Thank you, Franklin Friends, for referring each other for your senior photo sessions!  I’m so grateful.

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