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These Pirates are Getting Married!

Pirate engagement photos

I like Tyler and Ruth.  Not only are they personable, thoughtful, and earnest, but there’s a spark there…some creativity and delight under the surface, which I really enjoy.

Ruth is a crafter, and her favorite craft is sewing.  I asked her recently, as we were planning their engagement portrait session, if she had any interesting clothing she could bring along.  When she mentioned a pirate costume, I said she had to bring it.  And she did not disappoint!

When she arrived at the park for their engagement photos, the pirate costume just kept unfolding: boots, coats, belts, swords, scabbards, a flintlock pistol….  And all of it color coordinated.  I was so impressed.

And the photos….  Well, see for yourself.  I think they’re some of the most fun engagement portraits I’ve ever taken.  

Pirate engagement portrait Beaverton OregonPirate engagement portraits PortlandPirate engagement portrait

Even their non-pirate outfits were color coordinated!  This girl is amazing!  Tyler, you’re a lucky man.  I can’t wait to see what your actual wedding looks like in June, at Abernethy Center!

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