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Phil and Carla’s Wedding Phototgraphs from EcoTrust

I have to say, I’ve never photographed a family that had 4 grown daughters, and all of them absolutely beautiful.  But that was the case with Carla’s family.  Must be something in the California water.

She and Phil’s friends and family came together on Saturday to celebrate their marriage–and celebrate they did.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding.  And it was my birthday.  If you have to work on your birthday, you can’t beat taking beautiful photographs of beautiful people.  I came away happy.  And with two bottles of wine as a birthday present, compliments of the groom’s mother.

Phil and Carla and their wedding party and family stayed and prepped at Portland’s Hotel Lucia, and were married at the EcoTrust Building in the Pearl District.  So beautiful!

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