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Monica and Dave’s Not-Boring Wedding

Oregon Wedding Photographer
Monica and Dave, both music lovers, fittingly met while studying music education together at the University of Oregon. Dave was also, funnily enough, very impressed by how white Monica kept her shoes, and, well, one thing led to another and Dave proposed. At the time, Monica’s ancient Jeep had recently broken down, and Dave not only surprised her with an engagement ring but also a key ring to new working car!

The newly engaged couple held their wedding in the summer with Mt. Hood as a backdrop while they said their vows. Arborvitae and rhododendron plants surrounded them. Their venue, Reardon Nursery in Boring, Oregon, was of special importance because their family owned it. Monica actually grew up on the property, and the two of them traveled from Medford where they live to host their wedding there. Exploring the far-flung corners of the nursery was particularly fun because we got to load up the entire bridal party into a couple SUVs and cruise the dirt roads between aisles of potted plants to find the best shooting locations.

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Avid travelers, Monica and Dave spent their honeymoon touring the Dominican Republic for two weeks, enjoying the beautiful countryside, hiking alongside rivers and splish splashing down natural waterslides.

Thank you for letting us be your wedding photographers, Monica and Dave!  It was a wonderful wedding day.

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