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My Own Fan Club

Ever since LensWork Magazine published a portfolio of my work in January (issue #62), I’ve discovered, here and there, that other people like my work. They link to it in their blogs. They purchase fine art prints from me. They steal my pictures to use on their websites. And they start discussion groups about my work.

One of these is on Flickr. It’s called the Spirit of Fritz Liedtke, and here’s their theme:

“If you are interested in child photography in the least, and don’t know who Fritz Lidtke is, you should! There’s a couple of us that love his style of work (selective DOF of adolescence, of course it’s not limited to that, in my opinion). :)”

While my work, of course, is not all child photography, it is an honor to me to see people congregating around an interest in my photographs. One woman’s work I find especially engaging, as she photographs her own children in haunting, beautiful ways: ‘sweet disten’.

Here’s the link. Check it out for yourself. I really do have fans.

Now, if they’d just start sending me money, I’d really have it made.

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