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Molly McNeal

Actors and models always need headshots in order to apply for theater or advertising or modeling gigs. So when a model or actress calls me and asks for headshots, I always ask: what kind do you want? Do you just want photographs of your head (which are important and useful), or do you want portraits? I usually aim for the latter, since portraits are much more personal and expressive, not to mention a lot more fun to photograph.

So when Molly McNeal called me the other day, asking for headshots, I asked her the same question. She liked what she’d seen of my portraits online, so we scheduled a portrait session at Portland’s Rhododendron Gardens, and, after sorting through her extensive wardrobe, went to work.

Molly’s friend Amelia joined us, dogsitting Kharma, and assisting us. So we got some photos of her in as well.

I think you can see the actress in her in the portraits….

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