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Meghan’s Modeling Portfolio Test Shoot

Model Portfolio Test Shoot Photographer PortlandLast summer, I flew to San Francisco for the opening of a show at a gallery there.  On the flight down, I sat next to a woman and, as it happens on flights, we started talking.  She is a sales rep for nuclear medicine (I didn’t know there was such a thing), and I told her about my photography.  It’s always easier to show than tell about photography, so I handed her a card, and showed her some images on the back.  When we arrived in San Fran, we wished each other well, and went our separate ways.

Last month, I received a call from a mom, wanting me to create a beginning portfolio for her 13-year-old daughter, who is an aspiring model.  We set up the shoot, and made out plans.  Well, the day of the shoot, as Meghan, the daughter, is having her hair and makeup done by my artist, her mom says to me, “I don’t know if you remember, but I think we met on an airplane last year.”  As we got to talking, I did remember her.  Small world!  She’d remembered the quality of my work when looking for a photographer for her daughter, and once she saw my work online, immediately hired me.

So, it pays to be cordial to your seatmates on airplanes.

I really enjoy working with youth in photo shoots, and Meghan was no exception.  We had a good time creating several looks for her modeling portfolio near downtown Portland, and the results are, like Meghan, gorgeous.

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