Meet the Wedding Photographers


In wedding and portrait photography, experience is everything.

Today there are hundreds of people with a digital camera, willing to take your pictures for a small fee.  But when you’re putting your wedding day or your personal image into someone’s hands, you want a photographer you can trust.  You want someone who knows how to shoot in all kinds of situations, indoor and out, day and night, good weather and bad, and who keeps smiling all day long.  You want an experienced professional.  You want FritzPhoto.


Portland wedding photographer AmyMeet Amy

Amy first studied photography as a part of her biology degree, with a desire to capture fabulous images of animals and scenery. But after getting married and having a family, Amy realized that her true passion was capturing the relationships, connections, and emotion between people.  She left her career as an ecologist to pursue her passion in portrait and wedding photography in 2006.

In the past decade, she’s photographed families, seniors, and weddings, and had worked published in various magazines.

Amy’s inspiration to capture raw and authentic moments comes from her own family.  “Photographs are about more than remembering what we all looked like at that moment in time.  It’s about capturing the joy we feel and how we relate to one another.  And that’s my desire for my clients as well!”

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Portland Wedding Photographer Andrea Laurita

Meet Andrea

Andrea first discovered a love for photography developing images in the dark room in high school.  Exposing a piece of paper to light and laying it in a tray of chemicals to watch the image appear was therapeutic.

From high school, she traveled the world — fine-tuning the essential relationship between light and subject through her lens.  She spent two years photographing various faces and settings, including presidents of nations and prostitutes claiming side streets.  In total, she has photographed people in more than 60 countries.

Andrea’s photography work has been published in North America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa, and featured in magazines, books, and billboards.  In 2014, she moved back to Portland, Oregon, where she now raises and breeds doodle pups, enjoys time with dear friends, photographs weddings, and gratefully drinks in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest!

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Portland wedding photographer Jennifer VZMeet Jennifer

Jennifer is an eternal optimist, energetic and always ready to try new things.  As a photographer, she finds inspiration in places like National Geographic and Rolling Stone Magazine.  She’s a lover of light & shadow, a worshiper of sun and water, a seeker of truth & humor.  And she has over 20 years of experience photographing fitness, travel, portraits, weddings, events, and more.

“It’s always my goal to produce meaningful and beautiful portraits that represent both love and creativity during weddings, events, and other adventures in life. And to do it a million times over.”

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Portland wedding photographer Kai

Meet Kai

Kai first started exploring photography as a teen, inspired by his father’s career as a live music and travel photographer. He has traveled across Europe and Hawaii to photograph nature, and loves shooting live music performances here in Portland.  But Kai’s photo-journalistic eye and appreciation for intimately candid moments have kept him thriving as a wedding photographer since 2011.  As a professional wedding photography editor, he’s also edited hundreds of weddings over the past decade.

Kai’s naturally outgoing personality makes him an excellent addition to any wedding party, providing a comfortable space in order to capture the most genuine moments. Highlighting the story, and the people, that make your wedding unique is what Kai strives for in his work.

On the days he doesn’t have a wedding to attend, Kai can be found hiking in the Columbia Gorge with his camera in tow, blues dancing, or working as an artisan kombucha brewer.

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Desirea Oregon Wedding PhotographerMeet Desirea

Desirea has been a professional photographer since 2001, photographing in the U.S., Asia and Europe.  She has shown in galleries and been published in the U.S. and Europe.

“My heart is set on documenting your truest story. The love story that brought you to your wedding day. The little memories your mind goes right back to when someone asks: Won’t you tell me about one of those days that meant everything to you?”

Desirea has spent half her life in the Northeast and the other half in the Northwest. When she is not traveling for photography she is located on a small farm with her husband (who mixes very impressive cocktails) outside Portland, OR.

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Portland Portrait Photographer FritzMeet Fritz

Fritz began photographing as a kid, carrying his Kodak 110 Instamatic around on a US tour with his father at age 14.  Twenty-five years later, he continues to explore the world, camera in hand, creating images that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Fritz has a BFA in Photography, has won numerous awards and grants for his work, has had photographs published, collected, and shown in galleries, published articles and essays in various magazines, and has balanced both commercial and fine art practices. He finds that pursuing personal fine art projects keeps his commercial work fresh and alive. He is constantly looking for new ways to approach the world through photography.

Fritz brings the same passion and art to his portrait photography, and loves to create exceptional photographs of exceptional people, just like you.