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Liz and Alex’s Wedding * Portland Wedding Photography

There’s nothing better than photographing a bride and groom as easy going as Liz and Alex. I was especially grateful during this particular wedding because just twenty-four hours before it I was crossing the finish line of the Hood To Coast relay in Seaside. Suffice it to say, I was pretty tired. The bride and groom really made my job as a photographer a breeze. They were also especially easy to photograph and they happily obliged whenever I suggested an idea. Liz and Alex, I tip my hat to you!

On one’s wedding day, I imagine it can be difficult to sit back, let the day unfold and just enjoy the day without getting too wrapped up in the logistics. Liz and Alex were masters of doing that. Even though they were under a tight time frame to set up the church for the ceremony and reception, they pulled it off with aplomb and most importantly didn’t forget to enjoy themselves. The small, white church the wedding was held at was located in downtown Portland near PSU, and it had beautiful stain-glass windows, which were great backdrops for the festivities, which included a mighty fine dance party to wrap up the celebration.

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