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Kiwi’s Senior Portraits

Lincoln High School Senior Photos

We had the privilege of taking Kiwi’s senior photos at King Park, in Tigard, and the first thing I asked her about was her name.  She explained to me that ‘Kiwi’ is what her grandmother called her, and it stuck!  I love it.  We asked this Lincoln High School senior a bit about herself, and this is what she told us….

What do you love?

She loves to play soccer, and has won both league and tournament awards.  “I love reading and would do it all day if I could. I also enjoy watching the Marvel franchise as well. Whenever I go somewhere new, I have to collect a turtle shaped souvenir.”

What does the future look like?

“I’m almost done with school and I’m working really hard on creating this year’s yearbook.” She hasn’t decided where to go to college or what to major in, but college is at the forefront of this Lincoln senior’s mind.

“I’m going to the Bahamas soon and I want to go back to Europe and visit more countries and more of the countries I’ve already been in. I’d love to be able to read everyday if I could. I also hope that I can get out of college debt free but who knows if that’ll happen.”

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