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Josh and Maria

Josh and Maria got married on a beautiful fall day in Kansas City.  They both showed their appreciation to family and friends for the hard work spent planning, decorating, and crafting.  Maria is part of tight-nit Polish community, and one of her family friends made her gorgeous wedding dress. Josh’s mom made all of the desserts at the reception, including a small white cake that she intended the couple to cut.  One of the guests didn’t realize it was the wedding cake and cut a piece out.  Josh and Maria got a laugh out of it and cut another cake that his mom made.

Maria was one of the most relaxed brides I’ve been around.  We had time to go to several locations in the city with the bridal party for group pictures.  The whole day was a blast!

As professional wedding photographers, we love to tell wedding stories!  This wedding was photographed by our talented and lovely Stephanie.  Visit our wedding photography website to learn more!

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