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Jennifer & Dwayne at Edgefield * Portland Wedding Photography

One of my favorites things about photographing weddings is seeing how every bride and groom decorates the ceremony and reception locations and how those decorations reflect the couple’s styles and personalities. While I’ve seen some very elaborate, grand designs, Jennifer and Dwayne decided to keep things simple, yet bold, using only red roses in all of their floral arrangements. The deep crimson-colored accents really set a striking tone throughout the day at Blackberry Hall located at McMeneman’s Edgefield, where Jennifer and Dwayne were married.

And the decorations indeed reflected their personalities. Both were laidback and extremely easy to work with, but they also had a bold, edgy look, Jennifer with her rocking hairdo and Dwayne with his pierced ears. They even tattooed the first letter of each other’s name on their ring fingers instead of wearing wedding bands. Apparently, Dwayne’s finger was still sore. The final little touch that I really enjoyed was their cake topper, which featured two skeletons, one wearing a tux and a top hat and the other wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of roses. It was the perfect little touch for a perfectly matched bride and groom.

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