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I have a Google Alert that lets me know any time my name or business name comes up on the web.  It’s entertaining and informative.  I’ve saved the last few, and on this snowy Portland night where nobody’s going anywhere (including my wife, stuck sleeping at the hospital where she’s working…), I thought I’d share some links with you.

Imago Theatre’s BigLittleThings

I had the pleasure of photographing Imago Theatre’s excellent performers and wonderful costumes in the studio last winter.  (See my post Anteaters, Rabbits, and Rhinos, Oh My!)  So it’s fun to see the images come up in the Oregonian, and elsewhere.  We took my nephew to see the show on Sunday, and it was hilarious and magical.  You ought to see it.

LensWork Magazine’s Alumni News

In 2006, my series Welcome to Wonderland was featured in an 18-page spread in LensWork, easily the most beautifully produced black and white photography magazine around.   They put out a monthly update on new projects by their past contributors, and mine was featured this month, along with Bruce Barnbaum and a few other photographers.

Other Photographers and Critics

A few of the other photographers and art critics that have links to my site on theirs:

Skeleton in the Closet

While I had a show of Skeleton in the Closet up at the art gallery at Washington State University, several articles came out that referred to the work, including this one from the Herald.

Katie Nolan

The loss of climber and friend Katie Nolan was painful for many in Portland and around the world.  You can read my tribute to her on my blog.  The Associated Press picked up some of my photos of her, and as a result, they were used all over the world, from CNN to the Washington Post to the Oregonian.  Unfortunately (and here’s my little copyright rant), the AP photo editors didn’t bother to look at either the title or the metadata of my images, find the clearly labeled copyright holder, and give the photographer credit.  I had to track them down to remind them of this little matter, and then it began showing up here and there.  Any photo you saw of Katie in the news was one I took, including the one the Oregonian’s photographer took a photo of at the memorial service.  (Yes, that’s right: he took a photo of my photo and published it in the paper.)  Not that any of this matters too much; I was only too glad to be able to give a little something back in memory of this beautiful, passionate, Christian woman.

Wedding Photography

The Wedding Window Blog has featured, at their request, a couple of my wedding stories.  See Carrie and Damon’s, and Daniel and Danielle’s.

The Blog

Every week I have a new wedding image and story on the groundbreaking blog My Portland Photographer.  It’s pretty cool to be in this project with 20 of the finest photographers in the Portland area.

Well, I guess that’s enough self-aggrandizement for one evening.  If you’ve actually read all the way to here, you’re either one of my very best friends, or you need to get a life, or you’re snowed in, like me.  I love living in the one city in the nation where the smallest amount of snow means a free vacation for everyone.

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