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Fritz Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine

“Fritz Liedtke: Contemporary Photography Balanced by a Bohemian Lifestyle”

I think that’s the first time Fritz has ever been called a Bohemian….

The new issue of Professional Photographer (December 2012) features an 8 page article on his balance of fine art and commercial photography.

“What’s most valuable to
me is my time. And with
that time I can make art, be
with my family, and travel.
I just didn’t want to get
caught up in a life where
I’m working 60 hours a
week and waiting until I
retire to have fun and make
work that’s personal.”

The article talks all about this and more. You can read a pdf of the article online.

A second, one-page feature also gives a glimpse into some of his favorite photographic tools, including the Lensbaby Edge 80, Lightroom, my 4×5 field camera, and more. Pick up a copy today!

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