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Fallon and Kyle’s Wedding at Kraxberger Family Farm

While I’m all for traditional weddings in churches, I always get excited for the opportunity to photograph in a less traditional space. An open field, a community park, a tropical beach. In the case of Fallon and Kyle’s wedding, they chose their grandparent’s dilapidated barn, which had sat unused for thirty odd years. Ever since getting engaged, they spent every weekend leading up to their big day replacing rotting wood, scooping out old manure, and applying new paint to peeling boards. There’s something special about the time and effort spent transforming a family member’s property into a glorious wonderland, and that’s exactly what Fallon and Kyle did. I’m sure the sweat and backbreaking effort that went into it has only strengthened the bond between Kyle and Fallon, and what resulted was a truly unique wedding day at a special location that couldn’t have been more perfect.

Well, there was just one hiccup along the way. Apparently, the caterer had a difficult time finding the Kraxberger family farm, which is tucked away in the Molalla countryside down a long gravel driveway surrounded by trees. While Fallon, Kyle and I were taking photos after the ceremony, we witnessed the white catering truck frantically speed back and forth in search of the farm, apparently missing the very visible sign indicating the driveway. While the wedding guests might have had to wait perhaps a half-hour longer than expected for food, I think the three of us got a kick out of watching the dust clouds billow as the caterers zipped about in panic. And it didn’t dampen the mood in the slightest because everyone was enjoying the wonderful event to remember that Fallon and Kyle had put together.

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