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University campuses are wonderful places for photography.  They’re well-manicured, spacious, beautiful, and include plenty of solid old buildings.  I was pretty happy to have the opportunity to photograph Christi and Vicente’s wedding ceremony and portraits at University of Portland‘s Chapel of Christ the Teacher.

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Christi is an alum of UP, and we had a wonderful time walking the campus and photographing her and Vicente, and their family and wedding party.  In fact, Vicente is from Venezuela, and he must have had 20 family members at his wedding, directly from Venezuela.  Impressive.  And a beautiful family at that.

Bride and Groom Portraits Portland FritzPhoto-Avella-297After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom were whisked away to The Aerie at Eagle Landing for their wedding reception.  The bride’s father told me later that this car is owned by a car collecter/builder friend of his (a friendly older gentleman), and it is worth $500,000.   We took some beautiful photographs with that car in the fading October sunlight.FritzPhoto-Avella-332 The Aerie at Eagle LandingI eat a lot of wedding food, and to be quite honest, most of it is overpriced bland, mass-produced blahness.  I can’t believe how much couples spend on food that is generally so uninteresting.  And don’t ever try to serve me salmon; I’m over it.

So it’s a real treat to be at a wedding reception where the food is both beautifully arranged and tastes fantastic.  In fact, the cook told me afterwards, when I complimented him on the amazing beef he’d cooked up, that he takes the opinions of wedding photographers very seriously, because we taste a lot of wedding food.  I’d say he cooked up some of the tastiest wedding grub I’ve had yet, and made a nice show of it as well.

The Aerie Wedding Photographer FritzPhoto-Avella-501As you can imagine, with a good mix of American and Venezuelans, the dance floor was a happening place.  Thanks to the tunes of DJ Bart Hafeman (one of my favorites) there was a lot of fun action to photograph.

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The wedding day was made complete by a send-off of the bride and groom with sparklers.  You just can’t beat that.  Especially when there were about a hundred leftover sparklers, and all the boys (young and old) present went berserk with them.  Good times.

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