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Chris and Jessica’s Wedding * Alternative Portland Wedding Photographers

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We get some of the coolest weddings to photograph around here.  I think the unique nature of our photography tends to attract some unique people (for instance, check out the steampunk wedding we photographed in the spring).  And we’re pretty happy with that.

And we were quite happy when Jessica and Chris entrusted us with their wedding photography.  Aside from the fact that Jessica is gorgeous, and she has dreads that hang to her waist, they were going to have their ceremony at the Rhododendron Gardens here in Portland, which is an exceptionally beautiful urban location for a wedding.

Aisha had a blast photographing Jessica and Chris and their friends and family.  And she brought along some new camera gear that made for some wonderful, less-traditional photography, which fit right in with the wedding’s own style.


We love photographing unique weddings here in Portland, or anywhere in the world.  If you’re planning a unique wedding, and want unique photography to remember it by, give us a call today!

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