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Mick and Emily * Cannon Beach Wedding Photography

Let me first start by saying that I love outdoor weddings, and I especially love beach weddings. There are few things I can think of that are more romantic than getting married with waves crashing nearby on a warm, sunny day. So I was very excited for Emily and Mick’s wedding. It was held at Cannon Beach with Haystack Rock just a stone’s throw away, while their reception was held in a little meadow surrounded by trees and flowers behind a cute little house at Haystack Gardens a couple blocks down the road. One of the great things about their wedding is that they had the most wonderful decorations, and they made them entirely on their own. I can only imagine all of the time that went into them, but they did a wonderful job.

I also had a great time hanging out with the two of them after the wedding when I was off the clock. Mick was so kind as to treat me to a couple shots of whisky and we chatted about photography for a bit. This highlights one of the uniquely special things about my job. By nature, wedding photographers get to spend more time with the newlyweds than any other vendor, and because of that we have the opportunity to form a deep connection, if only for the day. I believe that every photographer should have this goal because it ultimately will produce better photographs, and it just makes the job so much more fun. In a way, being asked to join in is a sign of a job well done. It’s always a welcomed surprise and an honor because it truly shows their appreciation for the effort put into their wedding photographs.

Emily already wrote to us and said:
Hey Kyle,
I wanted to tell you thank you for everything you did at the wedding – you did an amazing job, and you were very patient with us, haha. We’re sooo happy we chose to go with you… Wow is all I can say. They are AMAZING. You have some serious talent. Thank you SO much, again!
Mick & Emily

Whether you’re getting married at Cannon Beach, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like this.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

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