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Buying Time: New Article in LensWork Magazine

Fritz Liedtke in LensWork MagazineHow does an artist find time to make art, on top of juggling all of his other responsibilities? Why do so many art school graduates fail to go on to successful artmaking careers? How do you make a living and make art?

These are questions I explore in my current article Buying Time: Balancing the Fine Art and the Financial, published in LensWork Magazine (issue 89). It’s a frank discussion of decisions an artist must make if she wants to make a life making art. I quote Rolf Potts and Annie Dillard, talk about money, and discuss drawing lines in the sand. It’s advice gained from my own pursuit of the arts, and I encourage you to pick up a copy of this absolutely beautiful magazine (one of the finest reproductions on the market) and read it.

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