Sunny senior photo in Gabriel Park


Wilson High School Senior Photos

Vivian is one of the sweetest young ladies you’ll meet, and we had a wonderful time walking, talking, and photographing her senior photos at Gabriel Park.  She’s a high school senior at Wilson High School, in Portland, where she’s a varsity Cross Country runner.  We asked her what she was most excited about for her senior year, and she told us, “I’m most excited to enjoy my last year of high school and complete the bucket list I started with one of my friends.”


Gabriel Park Portland senior portrait


Life Changing Travel

We also asked her if she’d made any life-changing travels lately.  “I recently visited my grandparents this summer in Bangalore, India, which was really cool. I also traveled to England, and was able to see many different cities and villages.”


Gabriel Park Portland senior photo


Art Every Day!

“I love to paint and draw whenever I can.  I plan on going to college to study something design related, but I’m not sure what or where yet.  My biggest dream is to be able to do what I love- art- every day! I also hope that I can be the kind of person who encourages and helps others to believe in themselves and their abilities.”

We know you’re going places, Vivian, and can’t wait to see how you make the world a more beautiful place!  Thank you for the privilege of being your senior portrait photographer!


Gabriel Park Portland senior picture black and white senior photo in Gabriel Park senior photo in Gabriel Park sunset senior photo in Gabriel Park

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When senior portraits are a successful adventure

We met Natalie and her mom down a gravel road on Sauvie Island. We didn’t have a specific location in mind, but we knew we wanted flowers and fun. We found a lot more than that: pumpkins, old barns, fields and finally, flowers. We ended up in a market buying local goods before parting ways. We had so much relaxed fun, and created some beautiful portraits for Natalie and her family to enjoy – there’s even some in there for grandma to enjoy! 

Benson Polytechnic High School

We asked Natalie a few questions about what she enjoys most, and she said she loves Riding Dressage (horses) and competitive softball. She plays varsity softball, MVP 2017, all city athlete 2017. 

Life-changing travel

“Going to Hawaii always makes me feel so free- not only a vacation for me but for my soul.”

What are you most excited about for senior year?

“Prom!! Duh!😊”

What does the future look like?

“I will be attending Linfield College and major in bachelor of science in nursing,” and her biggest hope for the future is “to save people’s lives after I become a nurse.”

The future looks bright for you, Natalie, and we wish you all the best! 


If you’d like to book a senior portrait photo session on Sauvies Island, or anywhere around Portland, Oregon, contact us today!

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Family Portraits on the Spur of the Moment

This sweet family got together in Portland to visit their family who had recently moved here. They called us up asked if we could take some family portraits that weekend.  Of course we said Yes!

They were so kind, happy and grateful to be together, and happy to have a chance to take family portraits. And Peninsula Park in Northeast Portland was a beautiful place to take family photos, with a lot of blooming roses, their beautiful fountain and well-loved lawn. The youngsters didn’t exactly know what to think of family portraits, but they put on their happy faces and ended up snuggling up and showing off their cuteness, stealing our hearts forever. It’s amazing when such young personalities shine so bright!

brother and sister being sweet during family portraits at peninsula park in portland oregon

These two siblings stole our hearts!

the whole family together for their family portraits at peninsula park in portland oregon

If you’d like to book a family portrait session in Portland, contact us today!

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the whole family for portraits in portland oregon

As parents, we want to remember every little moment of our children’s lives; we want to freeze time.  But our kids grow so quickly, and we can’t rewind the clock. That’s why our mission is to do the next best thing…to freeze time, to capture the stages of a family’s life through beautiful family portrait photography.  

We really enjoyed photographing the Miles family portraits in our Northwest Portland photo studio.  We’ve taken their family portrait photos before, and it’s fun to see how people–especially the little people–grow and change.  And it’s even more fun when everyone gets goofy–there was a lot of laughter during our portrait session together in the studio!

fun in the studio for family portraits in portland oregon

We got goofy — it wasn’t difficult convincing this family to have fun!

If you’d like to book a family portrait photo session in Portland, contact us today!

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A Portrait Adventure In The Gorge

Heather and Joseph visited Oregon for their honeymoon. They brought their fancy clothes, brand-new coats, and a flower crown that their florist made especially for travel. After our hair and makeup artist prepared Heather at their AirBnB, we drove out to the Gorge.   We arrived at Crown Point on a blustery day, but we laughed and made the best of it – we even took breaks to warm up in the car. These two were such great sports, and laughed the whole time! Once we got to Latourell Falls the wind lessened and we were grateful for it. 

Thank you, Heather and Joseph, for letting us be apart of your new adventure. May you continue to laugh your way through it! 

If you’d like to book a portrait session, contact us today!

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We are excited to announce that Top-Rated Local has awarded us their top Portland photographer award for 2018!

They recently interviewed us for the award, and here’s what they had to say about FritzPhoto:

From wedding and portrait photography to commercial and editorial photography, Fritz Photo is the photographer to turn to in Portland for all of your needs.

Fritz Photo has received more than 100 reviews from four verified sites with an average rating of 4.96 stars, earning them a wonderful Rating Score™ of 98.62 and a 2018 Top Rated Local award for ranking among the top 10 photographers in all of Oregon!

Here’s just one of their many five-star reviews.

“I was pleasantly surprised and was lucky to find a top-notch photographer by searching the web. Our senior pictures were outstanding, and there were plenty to choose from. The location in Portland gave us plenty of nice backdrops for our photos. Thank you, Fritz Photo, for doing a great job! We will recommend you.” – J.J.M.


Article about portland photographer FritzPhoto


When asked why he does what he does and how he works to make the world a better place, he had this to share:

“I started, actually, as an artist. Creating beautiful things gives me a lot of pleasure, and I apply that to my commercial work as well. Whether I’m working for a hospital, a family or a high school senior, I just enjoy creating beautiful images for people. That’s the primary focus, but also, I love the pleasure of rising to a challenge. There’s a technical and aesthetic challenge to this job that keeps it interesting for me.”

In the article, I share some of my philosophy on running a small business, and what keeps me engaged in my work as an artist and photographer in Portland.  You can read the article here:

Whether you need a great photographer for your wedding, for senior pictures or to advertise your business, we highly recommend Fritz Photo. Visit their website today!

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We recently had the privilege of photographing Elena and Peter’s proposal (she said yes!), and engagement portraits.  Peter proposed at Pittock Mansion, and then we took beautiful portraits of the two of them in downtown Portland.  We asked them a few questions about their story….

How did you meet?

We met in Sydney, Australia, in September 2014. Elena walked into my life while she was working a door-to-door sales job during her working holiday in Australia. She approached me as I was standing in the driveway of my home in Maroubra. We connected immediately and our conversation soon moved past her sales pitch as we found a number of mutual interests throughout our initial interaction. We began dating the following weekend and our bond has been strengthening ever since.

What was most surprising about your proposal? Did you anticipate it?

As a rather practical couple, it was difficult for me to surprise Elena with this proposal. We had already mapped out the next ten years of our life together so we both knew this event was inevitable. The fact that we were only together for a few weeks every six months, while we were living in separate continents, made it even more predictable. I tried to throw her off by hinting that I was taking her out to dinner that evening and then proposing at Pittock Mansion in the afternoon but she was always anticipating the moment.

Were you nervous to ask?

I wasn’t nervous about asking but I wanted everything to go smoothly. Rain was predicted on the day so that was a little worrying. I had organised everything – the ring, the photographer, the venue, and the dinner afterwards – by phone or email from Australia, so I couldn’t be completely in control of the variables.


Do you have any wedding plans, ideas or a date set?

Elena returned to Australia in late January this year. We will be getting married in my home town, Adelaide, in the first week of October 2019. This will be just over five years since we realised that we had found something truly special in one another, during our first few weeks together in 2014. The wedding will be held in the ballroom of another historic mansion, Ayers House, and will be followed by an afternoon tea reception with our family and friends from Australia and the US.

What are you most looking forward to about your future together?

Elena and I couldn’t be more excited for our future together! We are keen to return to Sydney and begin building a life for ourselves there. Elena will study accounting and finance as I finish my business degree and we have big plans for our careers together. We also have two boys names and two girls names ready for the 3-4 children we hope to raise together. We can’t wait to meet them!

If you’d like to book an engagement portrait photography session, or proposal photography, contact us today!

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Stefan asked Dani to marry him on a foggy afternoon at Pittock Mansion. After asking him if he was lying, she said “YES!”

Then we went into the forest for some beautiful portraits of the newly engaged couple. 

How did you meet?

Dani –     We knew each other through mutual friends in Tucson but we didn’t start talking/hanging out until we “matched” online. We dated unofficially for a few months until Stefan moved to Oregon. A couple months after Stefan moved to Oregon he asked me to fly out to visit and I did, that’s when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes and decided to follow him from AZ to Oregon.

What was most surprising about your proposal?

Dani –     I guess I was most surprised that it happened! We went to Oregon to celebrate Stefan’s birthday so I was definitely not expecting it! Stefan was extremely romantic and put so much thought into the entire process. Not only did he secretly arrange the photographer, but he knows I love Oregon and planned a beautiful outdoor proposal at Pittock Mansion. Afterwards he arranged a romantic post-engagement dinner at a restaurant where we had an amazing view of Portland. Stefan was so good at planning that he even made sure I had my hair & nails done without me realizing! It was perfect.  

Did you anticipate it?

Dani –     I had no idea it was going to happen! I was so surprised that my first reaction was telling him “no you’re not.”

Were you nervous to ask?

Stefan – I didn’t think I was nervous to ask until it really came down to the wire. I remember walking and going over what I was actually going to say in my head. I didn’t want my nerves to take over so I told myself I would speak from the heart and say whatever was on my mind. I was honestly more excited to see her reaction than anything. Also, knowing that I was going to make her happy was the best part!

Do you have any wedding plans, ideas or a date set?

We’re planning an intimate wedding with close friends and family. More of an elopement type ceremony with a bigger reception to celebrate

What are you most looking forward to about your future together?

Dani –     Watching each other achieve our goals and celebrate accomplishments together. I know that may sound corny BUT I just have so much fun with Stefan that I’m excited to continue conquering life with him!

Stefan – I can’t wait to start a family together and all my experiences with her. I’ve never found anyone else that understands me the way she does. She knows who I really am and is with me through every crazy up and down. She has been the most AMAZING mother to my son, so I know she will make a wonderful mother to our future child!


Planning to propose to that special someone?  Call us! We are experienced (and sneaky!) proposal photographer pros in Oregon.  We’ll capture it all, and create some beautiful engagement portraits for you while we’re at it!

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The Crystal Cover, with a photo on the front and leatherette or leather wrapped around the end and back.

Wedding Photography and Portrait Photography Albums

Here at FritzPhoto, we love creating books for our customers.  And our customers love our books!  Whether for portrait photography or wedding photographs, one of our custom-made books, filled with your wedding or portrait photographs, is something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.  Since every book is custom  made, you can select from dozens of options for the cover, including the Crystal Cover, Photo Inset, Wood Cover, or the Photo Wrap Cover.

The Photo Inset cover option. 

The Photo Wrap Cover, with a photo on front, and leatherette (or leather) wrapped around the spine and back.

The Wood Cover, with your image printed over natural wood. Leatherette or Leather wraps the bookend and back.

The Metal Cover, with your image printed over metal. Leatherette or Leather wraps the bookend and back.


Real Photographic Paper

All of our albums are printed on real photographic paper, which creates the perfect print of your images.  They are vibrant and flawless, and the pages are coated to resist fingerprints.  The books are library bound, and designed to lay flat when opened.


Album Cover Material Options

Our albums have many cover configuration options. Leatherette is a standard included option; Genuine Leather is an upgrade.  You can select from the following materials and colors:

Genuine Leather Covers

Leatherette Covers



With so many options for your wedding or portrait album, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. We’re looking forward to creating memories that will last a lifetime for you!

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Adam’s Proposal at Multnomah Falls: She Said ‘Yes’!

Adam proposed to Stacey at Multnomah Falls this winter, and she said “YES!” We asked them to tell us a bit about how they got together and details about the proposal. 

Stacey: We met in high school. I think he had a crush on me for a few months, and I ended up coming around after realizing I was jealous when I saw him at Homecoming with a mutual friend. We’ve stayed together through the end of high school, college, Adam’s medical school, and beyond!

Getting Stacey to where the Proposal Photographer was waiting…

Adam: The most surprising part of the proposal was how hard it was to get Stacey to the designated spot where we were meeting the photographer! She had to stop at Multnomah Falls Lodge to do some detailed planning of our hikes with the nice woman at the information desk.  At this point, we were already late and Stacey didn’t understand why I was rushing her!

Stacey: I was expecting the proposal on this vacation. We have been doing distance, and we had been planning a trip to Portland for awhile, so it made sense. 

Adam: I was nervous to ask!  My hands were shaking when I tried to put the ring on Stacey.  I thought about proposing on the bridge at Multnomah Falls, but I wanted the ring to be securely on Stacey’s finger before venturing up there.  I ended up deciding to propose on the lower viewing platform (much safer).

When are you getting married?

Stacey: We will get married in our hometown on Memorial Day weekend in 2020.

What are you most looking forward to in your life together?

Stacey: What am I most looking forward to? Everything.

Planning to propose to that special someone?  Call us! We are experienced (and sneaky!) proposal photographer pros in Oregon.  We’ll capture it all, and create some beautiful engagement portraits for you while we’re at it!

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Erin and Bill had an absolutely stunning and amazingly fun wedding at Mt. View Orchards this last summer. We asked this happy couple to tell us a few details about their wedding and this is what they said: 

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

Impossible to answer. . . There were just too many treasured moments that I replay over and over. It’s SO hard to choose just one.  

A few highlights, though. . .

– The glorious moment when the smoke and clouds cleared 1 hour before the ceremony was scheduled to start, and a halo cloud unwrapped the tip of Mt. Hood, foreshadowing what was going to be the happiest day of our lives.
– Watching all of the guests pile off of the Shanghai bus with cans of beer in hand and huge smiles on their faces, having ridden through the picturesque winding Parkdale roads, jammin to Reggae. The steady stream of people entering the wedding site from the bus seemed to punctuate the true start to the wedding festivities. 
– Our adorable toddler niece, Hazel, in the role of Flower Girl so carefully dropping the petals on the lawn while being coaxed down the aisle by a box of raisins. 
– Our cute one-year old Ring Bearer nephew, Logan, charming all the guests as he made his grand entrance down the aisle in his Radio Flyer wagon. 
– The epic dance party and keg-stands that ensued on the Shanghai bus en route from the orchard back to the Hood River Hotel, the perfect intro to the wild late-night dance party that was to come.
– Fritz photo-bombing our photo booth (discovered one week post-wedding)— that was so rad!
– The strip-tease panda that made it’s way to the dance floor (having lost a bet at the photo booth)
– The late night snack (greasy Dominoes pizza) arriving at 10 PM, just in time to satiate all the tipsy party guests
– Witnessing the father of the groom bust some serious dance moves at the after-party

Can you share a memorable story about an important person at the wedding?

The specialness of having my brother, Eric, the brightest and most remarkable speaker I’ve ever known, officiating the ceremony with such grace, reverence, and style is something I struggle putting into words. Not to mention, he absolutely OWNED the dance floor for like 6 hours straight. Eric, you are my hero!

Also, the mothers of the bride were among the very first to hop onto the dance floor and among the very last to depart. Friends are still commenting about how fun, energetic, and party-worthy our Mamas are. Those are some serious bragging rights, Linda and Jennifer! 

Was there something that made you cry at your wedding?

– Listening to my mother offer a heartfelt prayer to Bill and me during the ceremony. 
– The surreal and visceral moment when we exchanged vows, sun on our faces, breeze in our hair, nerves melting away, seeing nothing but the beautiful soul in front of us, and gently reminding us of the real reason all of our closest friends and family were gathered with us that day. 
– The father/daughter, mother/son dance. . . The tears in my father’s eyes, and the tender, proud look on his face when he realized it was my voice on the recording of “Blackbird” 

Was there something that made you laugh?

-There was hard cider and beer served before the ceremony, which my father of course, indulged in a bit, along with everyone else who was starting the celebration in honorable fashion. Right as the processional started, as my father took my arm in his, in preparation to proudly walk me down the aisle, he looked at me and said. . . “You look beautiful, son.” And then immediately rolled his eyes as we both erupted in belly laughs. “Oh my gawwwwd, you know what I mean.” We both were thinking, where in the heck did that come from?? Nerves? Booze? Combo? This was entirely out of character, because anyone who knows my father knows that he is notorious for eloquently and passionately expressing sentiments that can bring tears to even the most stoic. So, it turned out to be a welcomed distraction from any nervous tension, and probably saved me from a sloppy, mascara-smeared, snot-flying procession down the aisle.  

What were your favorite wedding decoration details?

– Would the butterflies (our “spirit insect”) that were released at the end of the ceremony fit in this category? They majestically fluttered around, lingering much longer than any of us had anticipated . . . Perhaps a message of their approval of our matrimony.

– The flowers and the signs were, of course, the winning decorations. Hands down. However, our family’s adorable black Labradors, Bubba and Jethro, donning festive bow-ties, were quite the spectacle and such a special addition.

Where did you find your wedding attire?

Bill had an unbelievable experience getting his suit at Michael Allen’s in downtown Portland. There’s actually quite a wild story about that. . . after being fitted, a thief attempted to make a getaway with an expensive pant-suit. Bill chased him down the street, tackled him from behind, and retrieved the suit in its entirety. The owner, Michael, was so thankful, he graciously offered Bill a top-line tie, which Bill rightfully added to his wedding attire for the big day.
Ahhhhh, the dreaded wedding dress shopping. Unlike the stereotypical bride, I wanted nothing to do with the whole debacle of parading all my girlfriends from store to store to critique each and every dress. I decided that (1) shopping by myself was WAY more my pace, and (2) a previously-owned dress fit more into the framework of my overall wedding vision. After researching, I decided to start my journey at Brides for a Cause. Would you believe that my “dream dress” was the second dress that I tried on?!  It fit almost perfectly, but needed a few alterations. The very skilled, Julia, at Silouette made all the finishing touches. And during my first fitting at Silouette, I was immediately drawn to some jewelry that was displayed at her shop. The super talented local jeweler, Alex Van Pelt, happened to drop by while I was there, and she jotted down some design notes for some elegant, timeless, custom-made jewelry to go with my dream dress. It all came together perfectly. 


Is there anything else that you’d like to share?  

Fritz Photography is THE BEST! 


the newly married couple at their wedding at mt view orchards in oregon in a sea of sunflowers

The happy couple in a sea of sunflowers at their gorgeous Mt. View Orchards wedding

beautiful view from a summertime wedding at mt view orchards in oregon

Having so much fun during their ceremony!

the stunning view from a summertime wedding in oregon


The view was absolutely stunning!

Photo of Bride and groom in field at Mt View Orchards

The fields at Mt View Orchards were just perfect for sunset wedding photos of the bride and groom!

father daughter dance had everyone tearing up at this mt view orchards wedding in oregon


The father/daughter dance had everyone in the room tearing up.

stunning diy cupcakes at a summertime wedding

Stunning DIY cupcakes from friends / family.

List of Wedding Vendors We Used at Mt. View Orchards:

Pop, Fizz, Clink Events – wedding coordinator 
Perfect Pour – bartenders 
Shanghai Bus – transported guests between the Hood River Hotel and the Mt. View Orchards
Koi Fusion Food Truck – casual dinner/reception 
Hood River Hotel – after-party at the downstairs banquet hall
Katya Lapierre – bride’s makeup
Esther Puckett- bride’s hair 
Flowers by Linda Righter – Mother of the Groom (designed by her and grown in her own yard)
Signs by Cassie Righter – Sister-in-law
Cupcakes by Laura Poggiali (best friend of the bride) and Adrienne Righter (sister-in-law)
The Weed – supplied by Thurman Street Collective– from owner, Bobby Wald
Fritz Photo – Wedding Photographer
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  • March 26, 2019 - 4:32 am

    Rochester wedding photographers - Lovely! I really liked these photos. All the pictures are perfectly clicked, which shows that you are a professional photographer. Please keep sharing your photography talent with us.

A proposal in the gorge is one of our favorite proposal locations!

Justin contacted us as he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, and he had Latourell Falls in mind. They were visiting from out of town, but with a few exchanges the plans were made. He and Laura would go on a hike and once they reached the waterfall he would propose. It went perfectly, and she said “YES!”

What was also amazing is that Laurie, our photographer, and the newly engaged couple are all from the same suburb of Dallas, TX. They could not believe it! What are the odds? 

Justin had Laura’s ring custom-made and it was absolutely stunning. She is really into archaeology, and he had dinosaur bones put on either side of the stone. It was so thoughtful, and so obvious how perfect the two of them are for one another. 

newly engaged couple enjoying the waterfall at latourell falls in oregon at their proposal

The happy couple admiring the waterfall at Latourell Falls.

laughing at engagement photo shoot at latourell falls in oregon

We had a lot of laughs during this engagement photo shoot!

custom-made engagement ring at the latourell falls proposal in oregon

The stunning custom-made engagement ring that Justin surprised Laura.

We love photographing proposals!

Are you planning a proposal or engagement in or around Portland, OR area? If so, we’d be honored to photograph it. Contact us today

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