Adam’s Proposal at Multnomah Falls: She Said ‘Yes’!

Adam proposed to Stacey at Multnomah Falls this winter, and she said “YES!” We asked them to tell us a bit about how they got together and details about the proposal. 

Stacey: We met in high school. I think he had a crush on me for a few months, and I ended up coming around after realizing I was jealous when I saw him at Homecoming with a mutual friend. We’ve stayed together through the end of high school, college, Adam’s medical school, and beyond!

Getting Stacey to where the Proposal Photographer was waiting…

Adam: The most surprising part of the proposal was how hard it was to get Stacey to the designated spot where we were meeting the photographer! She had to stop at Multnomah Falls Lodge to do some detailed planning of our hikes with the nice woman at the information desk.  At this point, we were already late and Stacey didn’t understand why I was rushing her!

Stacey: I was expecting the proposal on this vacation. We have been doing distance, and we had been planning a trip to Portland for awhile, so it made sense. 

Adam: I was nervous to ask!  My hands were shaking when I tried to put the ring on Stacey.  I thought about proposing on the bridge at Multnomah Falls, but I wanted the ring to be securely on Stacey’s finger before venturing up there.  I ended up deciding to propose on the lower viewing platform (much safer).

When are you getting married?

Stacey: We will get married in our hometown on Memorial Day weekend in 2020.

What are you most looking forward to in your life together?

Stacey: What am I most looking forward to? Everything.

Planning to propose to that special someone?  Call us! We are experienced (and sneaky!) proposal photographer pros in Oregon.  We’ll capture it all, and create some beautiful engagement portraits for you while we’re at it!

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Erin and Bill had an absolutely stunning and amazingly fun wedding at Mt. View Orchards this last summer. We asked this happy couple to tell us a few details about their wedding and this is what they said: 

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

Impossible to answer. . . There were just too many treasured moments that I replay over and over. It’s SO hard to choose just one.  

A few highlights, though. . .

– The glorious moment when the smoke and clouds cleared 1 hour before the ceremony was scheduled to start, and a halo cloud unwrapped the tip of Mt. Hood, foreshadowing what was going to be the happiest day of our lives.
– Watching all of the guests pile off of the Shanghai bus with cans of beer in hand and huge smiles on their faces, having ridden through the picturesque winding Parkdale roads, jammin to Reggae. The steady stream of people entering the wedding site from the bus seemed to punctuate the true start to the wedding festivities. 
– Our adorable toddler niece, Hazel, in the role of Flower Girl so carefully dropping the petals on the lawn while being coaxed down the aisle by a box of raisins. 
– Our cute one-year old Ring Bearer nephew, Logan, charming all the guests as he made his grand entrance down the aisle in his Radio Flyer wagon. 
– The epic dance party and keg-stands that ensued on the Shanghai bus en route from the orchard back to the Hood River Hotel, the perfect intro to the wild late-night dance party that was to come.
– Fritz photo-bombing our photo booth (discovered one week post-wedding)— that was so rad!
– The strip-tease panda that made it’s way to the dance floor (having lost a bet at the photo booth)
– The late night snack (greasy Dominoes pizza) arriving at 10 PM, just in time to satiate all the tipsy party guests
– Witnessing the father of the groom bust some serious dance moves at the after-party

Can you share a memorable story about an important person at the wedding?

The specialness of having my brother, Eric, the brightest and most remarkable speaker I’ve ever known, officiating the ceremony with such grace, reverence, and style is something I struggle putting into words. Not to mention, he absolutely OWNED the dance floor for like 6 hours straight. Eric, you are my hero!

Also, the mothers of the bride were among the very first to hop onto the dance floor and among the very last to depart. Friends are still commenting about how fun, energetic, and party-worthy our Mamas are. Those are some serious bragging rights, Linda and Jennifer! 

Was there something that made you cry at your wedding?

– Listening to my mother offer a heartfelt prayer to Bill and me during the ceremony. 
– The surreal and visceral moment when we exchanged vows, sun on our faces, breeze in our hair, nerves melting away, seeing nothing but the beautiful soul in front of us, and gently reminding us of the real reason all of our closest friends and family were gathered with us that day. 
– The father/daughter, mother/son dance. . . The tears in my father’s eyes, and the tender, proud look on his face when he realized it was my voice on the recording of “Blackbird” 

Was there something that made you laugh?

-There was hard cider and beer served before the ceremony, which my father of course, indulged in a bit, along with everyone else who was starting the celebration in honorable fashion. Right as the processional started, as my father took my arm in his, in preparation to proudly walk me down the aisle, he looked at me and said. . . “You look beautiful, son.” And then immediately rolled his eyes as we both erupted in belly laughs. “Oh my gawwwwd, you know what I mean.” We both were thinking, where in the heck did that come from?? Nerves? Booze? Combo? This was entirely out of character, because anyone who knows my father knows that he is notorious for eloquently and passionately expressing sentiments that can bring tears to even the most stoic. So, it turned out to be a welcomed distraction from any nervous tension, and probably saved me from a sloppy, mascara-smeared, snot-flying procession down the aisle.  

What were your favorite wedding decoration details?

– Would the butterflies (our “spirit insect”) that were released at the end of the ceremony fit in this category? They majestically fluttered around, lingering much longer than any of us had anticipated . . . Perhaps a message of their approval of our matrimony.

– The flowers and the signs were, of course, the winning decorations. Hands down. However, our family’s adorable black Labradors, Bubba and Jethro, donning festive bow-ties, were quite the spectacle and such a special addition.

Where did you find your wedding attire?

Bill had an unbelievable experience getting his suit at Michael Allen’s in downtown Portland. There’s actually quite a wild story about that. . . after being fitted, a thief attempted to make a getaway with an expensive pant-suit. Bill chased him down the street, tackled him from behind, and retrieved the suit in its entirety. The owner, Michael, was so thankful, he graciously offered Bill a top-line tie, which Bill rightfully added to his wedding attire for the big day.
Ahhhhh, the dreaded wedding dress shopping. Unlike the stereotypical bride, I wanted nothing to do with the whole debacle of parading all my girlfriends from store to store to critique each and every dress. I decided that (1) shopping by myself was WAY more my pace, and (2) a previously-owned dress fit more into the framework of my overall wedding vision. After researching, I decided to start my journey at Brides for a Cause. Would you believe that my “dream dress” was the second dress that I tried on?!  It fit almost perfectly, but needed a few alterations. The very skilled, Julia, at Silouette made all the finishing touches. And during my first fitting at Silouette, I was immediately drawn to some jewelry that was displayed at her shop. The super talented local jeweler, Alex Van Pelt, happened to drop by while I was there, and she jotted down some design notes for some elegant, timeless, custom-made jewelry to go with my dream dress. It all came together perfectly. 


Is there anything else that you’d like to share?  

Fritz Photography is THE BEST! 


the newly married couple at their wedding at mt view orchards in oregon in a sea of sunflowers

The happy couple in a sea of sunflowers at their gorgeous Mt. View Orchards wedding

beautiful view from a summertime wedding at mt view orchards in oregon

Having so much fun during their ceremony!

the stunning view from a summertime wedding in oregon


The view was absolutely stunning!

Photo of Bride and groom in field at Mt View Orchards

The fields at Mt View Orchards were just perfect for sunset wedding photos of the bride and groom!

father daughter dance had everyone tearing up at this mt view orchards wedding in oregon


The father/daughter dance had everyone in the room tearing up.

stunning diy cupcakes at a summertime wedding

Stunning DIY cupcakes from friends / family.

List of Wedding Vendors We Used at Mt. View Orchards:

Pop, Fizz, Clink Events – wedding coordinator 
Perfect Pour – bartenders 
Shanghai Bus – transported guests between the Hood River Hotel and the Mt. View Orchards
Koi Fusion Food Truck – casual dinner/reception 
Hood River Hotel – after-party at the downstairs banquet hall
Katya Lapierre – bride’s makeup
Esther Puckett- bride’s hair 
Flowers by Linda Righter – Mother of the Groom (designed by her and grown in her own yard)
Signs by Cassie Righter – Sister-in-law
Cupcakes by Laura Poggiali (best friend of the bride) and Adrienne Righter (sister-in-law)
The Weed – supplied by Thurman Street Collective– from owner, Bobby Wald
Fritz Photo – Wedding Photographer
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  • March 26, 2019 - 4:32 am

    Rochester wedding photographers - Lovely! I really liked these photos. All the pictures are perfectly clicked, which shows that you are a professional photographer. Please keep sharing your photography talent with us.

A proposal in the gorge is one of our favorite proposal locations!

Justin contacted us as he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, and he had Latourell Falls in mind. They were visiting from out of town, but with a few exchanges the plans were made. He and Laura would go on a hike and once they reached the waterfall he would propose. It went perfectly, and she said “YES!”

What was also amazing is that Laurie, our photographer, and the newly engaged couple are all from the same suburb of Dallas, TX. They could not believe it! What are the odds? 

Justin had Laura’s ring custom-made and it was absolutely stunning. She is really into archaeology, and he had dinosaur bones put on either side of the stone. It was so thoughtful, and so obvious how perfect the two of them are for one another. 

newly engaged couple enjoying the waterfall at latourell falls in oregon at their proposal

The happy couple admiring the waterfall at Latourell Falls.

laughing at engagement photo shoot at latourell falls in oregon

We had a lot of laughs during this engagement photo shoot!

custom-made engagement ring at the latourell falls proposal in oregon

The stunning custom-made engagement ring that Justin surprised Laura.

We love photographing proposals!

Are you planning a proposal or engagement in or around Portland, OR area? If so, we’d be honored to photograph it. Contact us today

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Krysta and Sean had an amazing wedding day at Ainsworth House and Garden. They were so happy and gracious, and it was a complete honor to be apart of their wonderful day. We asked the couple a few questions to help tell the story of their day. 

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment. There were so many! I guess I would have to say the first look. It was very touching seeing Sean’s reaction when he saw me for the first time that day. We both welled up. 


Can you share a memorable story about an important person at the wedding?

During the ceremony Kevin Yell talked about telling the people we love why we love them. My best friend from college was able to come to the wedding and we got to share why we love each other. It was a very special and enlightening  experience. 


Was there something that made you cry at your wedding?

Oh my gosh! I cried so much! My sister’s maid-of-honor speech caught me off guard. I cried so hard, it was perfect. Then the best man’s wife sat and drew a portrait of me during dinner and most of the dancing. I had no idea. It blew me away when she showed me. We cried and the whole wedding party came over and covered us in a group hug. 


Was there something that made you laugh?

There isn’t one particular moment that stands out to me but I did have a giant grin on my face the entire evening, apart from when I was crying. I had a lot of fun. The photographer did catch a great photo of me laughing really hard with one of my good friends. I just wish I could remember what she said that made me laugh so hard. 


What were your favorite wedding decoration details?

I think my favorite decoration idea were the mini terrariums that lined the aisle and then sat on the tables after the ceremony. I had a lot of fun making them with my mom and my sister and they came out really nice. 


Where did you find your wedding attire?

I found my dress at The Bridal Gallery in Salem. It was a perfect fit! I just needed it shortened and had the beading added. The rest of my pieces I found online. 


Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

I was so pleased with the photos when I saw them. Our photographer caught some really great moments and candid shots that I would have missed otherwise. So I want to thank her for that. 

the first look at their wedding in portland oregon at ainsoworth house and garden was so sweet

The first look was the bride’s favorite moment of the day. It’s a really tender, sweet moment that couples get to share together.

the bride at ainsworth house in her beautiful gown from the bridal gallery in salem oregon

The bride looking stunning in her dress from The Bridal Gallery in Salem, Oregon.

kevin yell officiates a wedding at ainsworth house in portland oregon where we got to be wedding photographers

Officiant, Kevin Yell, “talked about telling the people we love why we love them.”

the wedding party at ainsworth house and garden in portland oregon

The wedding party looking good at Ainsworth House and Garden!

the speeches were some of the happy couple

Some of the happy couple’s favorite moments of their wedding day were the speeches. They laughed, they cried, it was perfect!

Can you give us a list of vendors?

As far as vendors go I had Art de Cuisine cater. They had so many great options it was easy for my husband and I to, not only agree on things we liked, but also find things to fit our guests’ needs. We then went with SW Cakes for our cake and cupcake tower. And of course the wedding photography was done by FritzPhoto

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Elizabeth and Jon had a beautiful union at St. Ignatius followed by the reception at Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland. With the help of their families they incorporated a lot of unique DIY touches to make it extra special. It was such an honor to be apart of their day, and we asked them a few questions to tell the story of their wedding. 

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

We were most excited to share our faith and what God has done in bringing us together; a real miracle. Each of our respective families have said over and over what a “miracle” and “answer to prayer” we each are for each other and our families.

Jon’s Uncle Fr. Rick Ganz, SJ, Jon’s cousin Fr. Brad Hagelin, and Elizabeth’s Auntie Anne Buck presided over the ceremony; Elizabeth’s pastor from Portland Dr. A.J. Swoboda and her college pastor from Corvallis Rev. Matt Mills did the Prayers of the Faithful. Bishop Peter Smith was also present at the altar. We are still overwhelmed and honored that these 6 people, whom we have personal relationships with, married us. It was truly remarkable, and such a blessing!

Can you share a memorable story about an important person at the wedding?

Elizabeth’s maternal grandfather Forbes Williams arrived early. He is nearly 96, and one of the best men in the world (WW2 Vet, Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Portland State, and most importantly, an outstanding husband, father, and man of faith).

When he arrived, we were at a “pause” with photos, and Elizabeth and her Mom were able to put his boutonniere on, and Jon and Elizabeth got pictures with him. Elizabeth and her Papa then sat in the front pews, and Elizabeth showed him her ‘mientras’ tattoo (she got this tattoo a few years ago on her wrist, in her Papa’s handwriting; mientras means “meanwhile” in Spanish). When she first showed it to him after she got it, he said “now I’m always with you.” Jennifer got pictures of Elizabeth’s tattoo over his hand, the two of them holding hands, and Elizabeth showing him her grandmother’s name in the program (including the details about her veil). Fritz and Jennifer got some absolutely amazing photos of each and every one of these moments of Elizabeth and her grandfather. These photos are truly priceless, and she will treasure them forever.

Fun Fact: Right after we got engaged at the Rose Garden, we went to her Papa’s house! He was the first one we got to see in person and celebrate with! (Fritz also took our engagement pictures at the Rose Garden. Elizabeth was the 2007 Rose Festival Queen, and for the proposal, Jon convinced her to go to the Rose Garden so he could “see her plaque.” Once in front of her plaque, he proposed!)

Jon also had a bracelet made that said “siempre” (meaning “always”) to go with her “mientras” tattoo. He gave it to her at their first look, and she hasn’t taken it off since.

Was there something that made you cry at your wedding?

Several things did! Walking down the aisle with my parents, seeing Jon for the first time, dancing with my Dad…My Auntie Anne came to the girl’s dressing room before the ceremony, and all of the girls, my Mom, and my Auntie laid their hands on me, and prayed for Jon and I.

Was there something that made you laugh?

We had Jon’s 7 nieces and nephews (the children of 2 of the bridesmaids) and Elizabeth’s Goddaughter and her 2 sisters (the children of another bridesmaid) as our little attendants. They were SO darling in their outfits, and we laughed throughout the day every time we saw them. They were SO excited to dress up and be in the wedding; and they danced their feet off!

beautiful handmade family pendants to hang from diy bouquet at their wedding at st Ignatius church in portland oregon

The bride made pendants of photos of her grandparent’s wedding, her parent’s wedding, and a photo of her and the groom to hang from her bouquet.

What were your favorite wedding decoration details?

I (Elizabeth) made little pendants of a photo with each bridesmaid, to hang from each bridesmaid’s bouquet. I also made pendants of photos of my grandparent’s wedding, my parent’s wedding, and a picture of Jon and I to hang from my bouquet, I gave the best man one of Jon and I to give to him that morning, I gave one to my Mom, one to my Auntie Anne, and one to my Dad.

We also had Elizabeth’s cousin Stephanie make the beautiful wedding cake. The tablecloth was her great Aunt Mary’s, and the cake was surrounded by 4 photos of each of the weddings of Elizabeth’s parents, Jon’s parents, Elizabeth’s maternal grandparents, and Jon’s maternal grandparents. The wedding topper said “Mr. and Mrs. At Last” and our wedding song was “At Last.”

We had coloring pictures made of us, and the kids got to decorate them at the kid’s activity table.

We had large wooden J & E letters made as our “guestbook,” Elizabeth’s Dad stained them, and then the guests signed them. They are now hanging in the entryway of our home!

We wrote love letters to each other before the wedding day, and gave them to Elizabeth’s Mom. She then put them in frames, and they were put at our dinner table. We each saw each other’s letter for the first time at the reception! It was so fun to read them in the moment! (Fritz, of course, captured that moment, too).

Elizabeth and her Mom sewed all of the napkins for the reception, and guests took them home as party favors.

Elizabeth’s family has a tradition of doing all of the flowers for the grandchildrens’ weddings a few days before the wedding. Her paternal grandmother Joyce Arntson is an excellent florist, and one of her gifts is paying for the flowers. We had friends and family come over the Thursday before the wedding, and make 30+ centerpieces, almost 30 boutonnieres, more than 20 corsages, 10 bridesmaids bouquets, and 6 nosegays for the flower girls. Elizabeth made her own bouquet and Jon’s boutonniere. Jon and Elizabeth took the centerpieces to Good Samaritan Hospital the next morning and donated them.

We had a sign that said, “Welcome to our Wedding – Elizabeth & Jon” at the church, and had someone take it to the reception and write “French” on the bottom once we were married. It was then on display at the Sentinel.

Elizabeth’s sister-in-law Hannah gifted a name board to her and Jon (Hannah and Elizabeth went to a business and got them to design a board, which she then made with Hannah; Elizabeth chose it to have a monogram F, followed with “The French Family, established 10-06-2018.”) We displayed this at the reception, as well as the words to one of the hymns we sang at the wedding (How Great Thou Art), the words to another hymn sung at our wedding (Amazing Grace), and the words to the one of the Bible verses read at the wedding (1 Corinthians 13:1-13).

We had 3 double-sided frames at each table; one side had a photo of Elizabeth and Jon, and the other side had our dinner menu.

The basket we used for cards from guests was given to us by Elizabeth’s Aunt Beth, who always gives a picnic basket filled with picnic items to each bride in the family.

the beautiful bride and groom at their wedding at St Ignatius church in Portland Oregon

The stunning couple at St Ignatius Church.

bride showing her grandfather her tattoo at St Ignatius church in portland

The bride showing her 96 year old grandfather her ‘mientras’ (“meanwhile” in Spanish) tattoo in his handwriting.

diy sewn napkins for a wedding at st ignatius church in portland oregon sewn by the bride and her mother that also served as souvenirs

These beautiful napkins were sewn by the bride and her mother. They were also souvenirs for guests to take home.

the bride and groom show off their love letters at their wedding in portland oregon at st Ignatius church

Love letters the bride and groom wrote each other to be read for the first time at their wedding. Such a sweet exchange!

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

We had the biggest dance party of all time.


Where did you find your wedding attire?

Dress: David’s Bridal (“something new”)

Groom and Groomsmen: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaid dresses: Etsy

Veil: Elizabeth’s maternal grandmother made the veil for her mother’s wedding (“something borrowed”)

Handkerchief Elizabeth held with her during the wedding: A napkin from Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother (“something old”)

Shoes: Tom’s shoes (Bridesmaids signed one shoe in blue, groomsmen signed other shoe in blue) (“something blue”)

Bride’s Hair: Claire Ryan (Matron of Honor)

Bride’s Makeup: Bride

Earrings+bracelets (bride+bridesmaids): Amazon!


Church: St Ignatius

Reception: Sentinel/Jake’s catering

D.J.: Anthony Wedin (A Sound Choice Entertainment)

Photographer: FritzPhoto

Flowers: Costco (Elizabeth’s friends and family arranged)

Cake: Stephanie Williams

Sheet Cakes: Lamb’s Thriftway Garden Home Market Place

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Senior picture of violinist playing in Portland

Senior Pictures Set to Music

Every once in a while, we get to photograph a high school senior’s photographs while they play an instrument.  It’s a special treat, to be taking beautiful images while someone is playing beautiful, live music.  Naomi’s violin playing, right at sunset, at Jenkins Estate in Beaverton, was such a beautiful moment.  And the pictures of her playing…wow.

We asked Naomi about her love of music and what she does with it.  “I have taken private violin lessons for 12 years. I am currently involved in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony and my high school orchestra and symphony.”

David Douglas senior picture at Jenkins Estate

David Douglas High School Senior Photos

Naomi is a senior this year at David Douglas High School, in Portland, Oregon.  “My favorite hobbies are playing violin, playing ukulele, singing, and yoga,” she tells us.  “I am most excited about spending this last year of high school with my closest friends and auditioning for music schools.”

Senior photo of violinist in Portland

Sharing Her Love of Music Beyond High School

“After high school graduation, I am going on a trip to Disneyland with the orchestra and band from school. I am also traveling to Italy for two weeks with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony.  My biggest dream is to live my life doing what I love everyday, which is playing violin. I want to share my love for music with other people through teaching and performing.” Hillsboro senior picture at Jenkins Estate Hillsboro senior picture at Jenkins Estate David Douglas high school senior photo David Douglas high school senior picture Hillsboro high school senior photo at Jenkins Estate

Are you looking for stunning senior pictures in PortlandContact us today, and we’ll create something beautiful with you!

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Portland Senior portraits at Cathedral Park

Senior Photos at Portland’s Cathedral Park

Hanna wanted to have us photograph her senior photos at Cathedral Park, during one of those beautiful October days here in Oregon. She lucked out; both the weather, and Hanna, were gorgeous, and we had so much fun! Senior portraits at Cathedral Park

Dreams and Aspirations

Hanna is a senior at Camas High School, in Camas, Washington.  She’s the sweetest young lady!  She’s excited about her senior project this year.  She then wants to go to Clark College in Vancouver for two years and then the last 4 at CWU or WSU.  Her dream is to graduate college and have a degree is Social Work.  She clearly loves to help people.

Senior photos at Cathedral Park

I think Hanna looks a lot like Drew Barrymore. Don’t you?

Senior photo at Cathedral Park

Camas High School Senior Pictures

When we asked Hanna how she found FritzPhoto, she said, “I looked up ‘affordable senior pictures photographer’ and I looked at a few sites and didn’t find anything I liked. Six links down there was your site, and I saw that you also have a $115 makeup option and I really liked the senior photos on the website.” 

We were so glad she found us for her senior pictures!

Unusual blue Portland senior photos

If you are also looking for a beautiful, affordable senior pictures photographer, contact us today to schedule your senior pictures session!

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Or: Why Self-Employed People Don’t Get Benefits


Running a small photography business is expensive.  Especially in Portland.

I recently had a customer come in to the studio and ask about our print prices.  He was genuinely curious to know what went in to our calculations of the price of an 8×10 print.  It was a great question.

The short answer is:  We don’t have a bankrolled employer making sure we get a paycheck every month.  Nobody is paying for our health insurance, sick pay, vacation time, or taxes. Nobody else is making sure we can retire someday.  There is no safety net for the self-employed photographer; there isn’t even unemployment insurance. All of these expenses rest squarely on our shoulders, and we have to make sure we charge enough to cover them.


We’re Not Weekend Warriors

There’s an important distinction that must be made between a full-time photographer, and a weekend warrior.  There are many photographers out there who do it as a hobby or side-hustle. They have regular jobs with a wage and benefits, or a spouse who has a salary and benefits.  They have a nice camera, and take family and senior photos, or wedding photos, on the weekends. That’s great, and I certainly started out that way. But when I see those people under-charging for their work, because they can make a few bucks on the weekend taking some quick family photos, it hurts.  They are devaluing the actual cost of being a full-time professional photographer, and causing customers to assume that photography should be cheap, and the products free.

My friend Amy illustrated this point perfectly when she shared this anecdote with me: “My first year of doing business I was a total weekend warrior. I think I grossed $8000 total, and I was thrilled for the extra cash for our family. . .until I did my taxes.  All my expenses cancelled out my income, and I realized that I netted zero dollars. I had spent all that time away from my babies and husband working, and I had made nothing. It was so eye opening.  I vowed never again to do that to my children.”

When you calculate up all the costs of being a full-time photographer, you see that such a model–cheap and free–is not realistic or sustainable.

If we were to divide up the cost of one of our 8×10 photo prints into 5 sections, we’d label them Overhead, Benefits, Taxes, Time, and Profit.



The first cost to any small business owner is overhead.  This covers all the basics, like:

  • Rent
  • Advertising
  • Paying employees and subcontractors
  • Electricity, water, gas
  • The cost of goods sold
  • Credit card transaction fees
  • Subscriptions for software
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Insurance on equipment, buildings, and liability
  • Purchasing or leasing vehicles
  • Travel time, gas, and auto maintenance
  • Accountants and attorneys fees
  • Etc., etc.



After all the overhead is paid, think about all of the benefits that even a New Seasons grocery bagger receives when they get a job.  The obvious ones include:

  • Hourly wage or salary, with annual raises
  • Overtime pay
  • Retirement benefits (401K, pension plans, SIMPLE, SEP, etc.)
  • Health insurance (possibly including dental and vision)
  • Vacation pay
  • Sick pay
  • Personal leave pay
  • Paid maternity leave
  • Stock options, profit sharing, and bonuses

Some less-obvious but very valuable benefits that employees also receive include:

  • Social Security  (The employer pays 50% of the employee’s tax every year, to cover both retirement and disability.)
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers compensation

That’s a lot of benefits that an employee receives, which a self-employed photographer has to find a way to pay for themself.  Self-employed people don’t get benefits unless they build the cost of them into their pricing.



Ah, taxes.  Small businesses get hit with a lot of taxes.  Here’s the list of taxes paid by us, either directly by our business, or indirectly as owners of the business:

  • Federal taxes
  • State taxes
  • 4 Local taxes:
    • Multnomah County Business Income Tax
    • Tri-Met Tax
    • City of Portland Tax
    • Portland Arts Tax
  • 100% of Social Security tax (as noted above, en employee only pays 50% of their SS tax; a self-employed person pays 100% of it)
  • Real estate taxes on all buildings rented or owned, which goes up every year
  • Payroll taxes

If you’re still reading this article, God bless you.  You are a saint. Taxes are boring to talk about, but they eat up a huge chunk of the cost of every photo print we sell.


But Wait, There’s More…

Another cost that has to be built in to the 8×10 print is all the non-billable hours a photographer spends on things like editing, marketing, traveling, networking, education, answering the phone, meeting with clients, and managing the business.  As photographers, we spend far more hours in front of a computer than we do behind a camera. We have to build the ‘cost’ of those hours in to our pricing as well.

When someone purchases an 8×10 professional print for $45, they’re not just paying for a piece of paper with some pixels on it.  They’re paying for our 30 years of experience as a professional photographer; they’re paying for the beautiful image we worked hard to create; they’re paying for the overhead, taxes, and hopefully some health insurance and a modest IRA.  And somewhere in there, hopefully, we also get to make a profit for all our hard work.


Thank You

So the next time you’re working with a professional photographer, keep in mind what it costs for them to serve you.  A full-time photographer has a hard time competing with weekend warriors who are out to make a few bucks in their spare time, and charge next to nothing for their work, or give away all the digital files for free.  

For us, this is our job, it is our living, it is our future.  It’s how we buy our kids clothes, pay our mortgage, and put food on the table.  And it’s also our joy. We love what we do as photographers, and we hope you love every single image we work so hard to make for you.

Thanks for buying our prints.   

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West Linn High School yearbook photo

We really enjoyed photographing Lauren Chung’s senior portraits at Jenkins Estate this fall.  It was one of those stunningly clear fall days, with warm sunshine and a rainbow of colors in the trees. The absolutely perfect day for senior photos!

Lauren is a senior at West Linn High School in West Linn, Oregon.  As we took her senior portraits, we walked and talked about school, college, and her future.  We’re excited to see what the future holds for this bright young lady! West Linn High School senior photo West Linn High School senior photo in Beaverton West Linn High School senior asian West Linn High School senior yearbook portrait

West Linn High School senior photo at Jenkins Estate

Ready for your senior portraits?  We’d love to bring our award-winning photography to this special time in your life.  Contact us today to schedule your portrait session!

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best senior photos portland

Sunset High School Senior Photos

Jasmine Patel is a senior at Sunset High School in Beaverton, Oregon.  She’s a smart and articulate young lady, and we really enjoyed talking with her as we photographed her senior portraits around our photo studio in Northwest Portland. We asked her some questions about herself, and here are her answers, in her own words:

What are your favorite hobbies?

I enjoy staying busy. I am a Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador, and I work at a law firm. I also am involved with the Youth Group at my temple. At school, I am on the Unicef Board–an after-school fundraising club- and serve as Event Manager. When I’m not busy, I enjoy drinking coffee with a book in hand.

Any recent travel that was life-changing for you?

I took a trip to Europe, not that long ago, and absolutely loved it. My favorite country to explore was Switzerland, in specific I adored Lucerne. The architecture in the city blew me away. A concept as simple as architecture reminded me of the years of history engraved in these European countries. Another reason I enjoyed Switzerland was because of the fashion choices of the citizens there. They overlapped with trends and outfits that I would wear on a daily basis. Living in Portland has its perks, but I always feel out of fit with the outfit choices of the mass majority of people residing here.

What are you most excited about in your senior year of high school?

I am excited to take classes that are truly interesting and meaningful to me. For example, I am taking Writing 121- a college course- to prep me for freshman year of college. As well as, I am taking IB Business/Management and IB Economics because of my passion for these two subjects. I am also working at my school’s student store to express my involvement at school whilst having a genuine interest in business.

cool senior photo northwest Portland


What are you planning to do after high school graduation?

After high school graduation, I plan to attend a four-year university, hopefully in the Pacific Northwest, and major in Political Science and Business. From there I wish to attend Law School. Sunset High school Senior Phortraits

What are your biggest hopes and dreams?

I aspire to have my own law firm in the middle of a busy city. I want to relocate to the Northeast; however, I’m in love with the Pacific Northwest. Due to that, I hope to live in Seattle because it is the best of both worlds. fashion senior photos Portland

Why did you select Fritz Photo to be your Beaverton senior portrait photographer?

I discovered FritzPhoto after researching for hours online; I was in search of a company to take my senior portraits. I ultimately chose FritzPhoto because the website had wonderful previews of other senior photo shoots. I also wanted my pictures to showcase a city atmosphere, like the pictures I found on the site.

Indian girl senior photo Portland

It’s subtle, but if you look closely, you’ll see that Jasmine’s fingernail is painted in a similar pattern and color scheme as her scarf!

Best senior portrait photographer sunset high school Portland

We love Jasmine’s laugh!

Sunset High school Senior Photos Best senior portrait photographer Portland Best senior portrait photographer Beaverton

Ready for your Sunset High School senior photos?  We’re ready for you!  Contact us today to talk about your senior portrait session, in Beaverton, Portland, Hillsboro, or anywhere in Oregon!

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Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo

Jon and Debira were married on July 16th, with a ceremony and reception at the Ainsworth House in Oregon City.

These two actually had TWO wedding ceremonies—they eloped before their larger ceremony. Debira and John are both pretty shy, so they wanted to have their own personal vows and enjoy an intimate atmosphere under the garden arch with just their closest and most immediate family in attendance before they did the “big” wedding day. And since Amy van Riessen was the only shooter for this wedding, that meant she got to be part of two special moments in one day! That’s pretty special.

Jon and Debira’s Intimate Ainsworth House Elopement

Amy started out hanging out with Debira and her daughter, Audrey, as they got ready before she snuck upstairs to capture some images of Jon as well. Once everyone was ready, we staged a first look on the gorgeous front veranda of the Ainsworth House. Then, we took a few photos of the three of them together before the first ceremony. Their first ceremony was intimate and beautiful. Jon and Debira had written their own vows and it was such a special, emotional moment. We signed the wedding license inside the Ainsworth House and took some time for a few more photos—and then it was time for the larger ceremony.

A Galaxy Wedding at the Ainsworth House

This time around, all of Debira and Jon’s friends were in attendance. They kept it short and sweet, but they also made sure to include Audrey in a sweet three-color sand unity ceremony in which they each put a different color of sand into an hourglass. What a great way to make sure that all three of them got to be part of this big moment in their family!

We did a large group photo of everyone in attendance as well as some family photos before we headed off to the reception for lawn games and cake. Amy made sure to get some photos of the little details, too, since Debira and Jon had the coolest “galaxy” theme for their wedding. Debira was even rocking purple and blue hair to match Jon’s purple and blue galaxy tie! While the couple didn’t have toasts or first dances, this Ainsworth House wedding was a day filled with love.

Debira & Jon, thank you for asking us to be part of both of your wedding ceremonies! It truly was an “out of this world” experience! It was such a pleasure to provide your Ainsworth House wedding photography.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photos:

Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo

Ainsworth House Wedding Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo Ainsworth House Wedding Fritz Photo

Thanks to these Oregon Wedding Vendors

Venue: Ainsworth House 

Catering: Your Kitchen Chef 

Officiant: Kevin Yell of the Ainsworth House

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The Resort At The Mountain Wedding Fritz Photo

Michele and Doug were married on July 28th, with a ceremony and reception at The Mt Hood Oregon Resort (formerly Resort at the Mountain) in Welches, Oregon. It was such an honor to provide their wedding photography for their Mt. Hood wedding!

A Romantic The Resort at The Mountain Wedding

For Michele and Doug’s beautiful summer wedding, Amy van Riessen was the primary wedding photographer, and Laurie Carter acted as second shooter. Amy started out the day capturing the ladies as they got ready. Meanwhile, Laurie started with the gentlemen. Once everyone was ready, the wonderful resort staff at The Resort at the Mountain shuttled Doug on the golf cart to a beautiful streamside location for the first look. Then, the cart circled back to bring Michele to join him. The secluded streamside location was so romantic—perfect for a first look.

After the first look and few couples’ photos, we joined the wedding party and family by the ceremony site at Pine Cone Bluff. There, we took formal photos with the beautiful golf course and mountains in the background. The Resort at The Mountain provides simply stunning views of the Cascades, so the backdrops for their outdoor wedding photography were magnificent.

Mt. Hood Wedding Photography

Everyone at this wedding was incredibly sweet. We loved to see this blended family come together. Michele has a 9-year-old daughter named Kalli, and Michele and Doug have a 9-month-old son, Easton, as well. We loved how Doug walked down the aisle with Easton! Michele was escorted down the aisle by Kalli, and the two of them met up with Michele’s parents up front. Together, her daughter and her parents gave her away to Doug. It was such a great way to celebrate their new family unit and illustrate that they were becoming one family.

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, Doug made sure to share a special dance with his new stepdaughter. It was one of Amy’s favorite moments as their wedding photographer! It was such a fabulous way to include Kalli in the celebration. We love the images of these two dancing together because Doug didn’t hold back! And really, Doug wasn’t on the dance floor much other than that dance. He claimed he didn’t know how to dance. So it was really special how he put himself out there share that dance with Kalli, who was quite the dancer!

Doug & Michele, thank you for allowing us to be part of your amazing celebration. We loved seeing your family come together. We’d also like to give a special thank you to the wedding coordinators at the Resort on the Mountain. They did such a fabulous job ensuring the events of the day went as planned and shuttling our team around on the golf cart. They always make the day go smoothly!


Cake: Dreamcake 

Flowers: Arranged for You Floral Events, LLC, Robyn Hunter 

Venue: The Resort at the Mountain

Wedding Photographers: Fritz Photography

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