Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

I’m not sure how many countries Scott and Joy have traveled to, or how many versions of scorpion or snake they’ve eaten, or how far they’ve biked in the far corners of the world…but it’s a lot.  These guys like adventure, and their wedding day was no exception.  From The Modern Man on Mississippi, to Ainsworth House and Gardens in Oregon City, this wedding was itself a destination for a fun-loving crew of friends and family.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The groomsmen (and one woman)…

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The bride and her bridesmaids inside the historic Ainsworth House.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The Ainsworth House and Gardens features a stunning old pine tree, under which Scott and Joy said their vows.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

Scott and Joy’s theme was world travel, with each guest seated at a different country.

Portland Photobooth Photographer

These guys killed the Photobooth! It was crowded nearly the entire reception!

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography Ainsworth House Wedding Photographer Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

Portland Oregon Photobooth

At FritzPhoto, we have so much fun capturing wedding stories with our award-winning photography.  Thanks for a fun day, Scott and Joy!

Are you looking for an Ainsworth House Wedding Photographer? As one of their preferred photographers, we’d love to photograph your wedding at Ainsworth House–storm or no storm!  Contact us today to learn more!

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Desirea Still -3

Amanda is one of the most talented stylists and designers I’ve ever come across, so of course her and Phil’s wedding was going to be anything but traditional. Married in the middle of a park wearing vintage clothing, they vowed to always be there for one another. The reception took place in an art gallery complete with art on the walls and up on the stage.

Desirea Still -2 Desirea Still -9424 FritzPhoto Portland Wedding Photographers Desirea Still -9717 Desirea Still -9765

Amanda and Phil thank you for inviting us into your wedding filled with art and brimming over with love!

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Mike and Jamie had one of the most hilarious batches of groomsmen we’ve ever seen.  Add in a stunningly beautiful day in rural Oregon, outside of Portland, and you have the makings for a really fun party.  Click on any image to view them full-screen, and see how much fun we all had together!

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When you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Portland, Oregon area, be sure to call us at Fritz Photography.  We’ll bring our award-winning photography to capture your wedding story!

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When twins Lana and Mirna contacted us wanting some modeling photos, we jumped at the chance to photograph these gorgeous twins!  After our professional makeup artist prepped them in the studio, we set up at Edgefield, and made use of their wonderful artsy location.  One is fun, but two is…amazing.  Check out what we created together…. When you’re ready for a test shoot or modeling portfolio, give us a call at FritzPhoto!  We’d love to create something truly amazing with you.


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We really enjoy finding new model talent in Portland, and helping them build a great modeling portfolio.  Models we’ve help get started now work in New York and LA, as well as in Portland.  They model for magazines and and ads, and act in commercials and on television.  It’s fun to see where they go after we get them started!

We recently had the privilege of photographing Alex, an aspiring model here in Portland.  And yes, she actually is a boxer!  It’s fun to create a variety of looks for models, and show their different sides, from athletic to glamorous.  Alex can easily do both, gracefully.

After our photo shoot together, we helped Alex get connected and signed with Muse Models, here in Portland; she ended up signing with them, and Muse is now representing her modeling career.  Congratulations, Alexandrea!  You’re going places!

If you’d like to get your modeling career started, or just see what it feels like to be in front of the camera for a modeling photo shoot, give us a call!  We make the process enjoyable, and the results are gorgeous.

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Desirea Still -3

Even though we’re based in Portland, Oregon, we love to photograph destination weddings around the country.  Having the opportunity to do Anastasia and Rick’s wedding photography in Muir Woods, California, was a real treat!

Anastasia is a designer for Free People.  Her and Rick’s wedding was filled with a laid back, hippie-chick vibe; married on the beach with the forest close by, Anastasia and Rick vowed to walk hand in hand for the rest of their time. Their wedding was all about love and the joy of connection.

Desirea Still -10 Desirea Still -6561 Desirea Still -6658 Desirea Still -6741 Desirea Still -6908

Thank you Anastasia and Rick for letting us capture your sacred day.

We love to travel for destination weddings, whether in California or in Oregon, Mexico or Thailand.  Give us a call about your destination wedding photography!

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Portland Abernethy Center Wedding Photography

Tiffany and Steven came all the way from Langley, British Columbia to have their wedding at the Abernethy Center in Oregon City. One great thing about the Abernethy Center is the different, equally great options it has for ceremony locations, which came in handy on this day because the weather was being incredibly fickle. Originally, the plan was to have the ceremony at the Veiled Garden, an aptly named hideaway surrounded by verdant trees and bushes. However, due to the rain, the bride and groom opted to move the ceremony to the nearby Chapel with its ornate, wrought iron light fixtures hanging from dark, wooden ceiling joists.

Despite the change of plans, we were still able to use the Veiled Garden when taking photos of the newlyweds and their bridal party, and the ceremony was still incredibly beautiful in the chapel.

Although photographing in those two locations were definite highlights, my favorite thing about photographing this particular wedding was when the best man delivered a handwritten letter from Steven to Tiffany while she got ready. I don’t know what was written in the letter, but I could sense their love for each other as she read it by the smile on her face and the tears brimming in her eyes.

Tiffany wrote us a few days after the wedding, when she saw her wedding photos,

“The pictures were absolutely stunning!! We were totally at a loss for words when we looked through them.  We had to go through them twice! We are so happy and impressed with Kyle.  He was such an easy going but experienced photographer who we really enjoyed working with.  What a talented guy with such an eye for catching the moments we will never forget. We will be spreading the word to everyone we know about Fritz Photo, and we have the pictures to prove how fantastic your company is.”

Whether your wedding is at the Abernethy Center in Oregon City, or anywhere else in Oregon or around the world, you’ll love our award winning wedding photography.  Contact us today and let us tell your wedding story!

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Megan and Allen’s ceremony took place on a green hilltop in Hood River with Mt. Hood rising beyond. To reach the hilltop, the bride and groom and their friends and family hiked up a dirt and gravel trail for about a mile and a half until they found the perfect spot with the best view. The outdoorsy, adventurous location was perfect for the newlyweds given their history. Megan and Allen met at work, but their relationship really kicked off during a trip to Moab, the adventure capital of Utah, where they ran a half marathon together. Sharing a love for traveling, the two of them ventured all over Washington, Oregon and Canada until Allen finally asked Megan to marry him just outside of Quebec City at the Hotel de Glace, otherwise known as The Ice Hotel.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and I explored the surrounding area, including the winding trail that led to the ceremony site, a field of yellow wild flowers, orchards with their white flowers blossoming and train tracks leading toward a snowcapped peak in the distance. Soon enough, we arrived at the reception being hosted at the Panorama Lodge, a large rustic cabin tucked away in the Hood River hills where one of Megan’s relatives manned the grill and the guests gathered around a long table decorated with flowers in mason jars on the back deck for an intimate family dinner.

To top things off in the most appropriate way, for their honeymoon Megan and Allen decided to visit Arizona’s majestic Havasupai Falls, which can only be accessed by hiking down an 8-mile trail that ends at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Whether your wedding is in Hood River, or in your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like Megan and Allen.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

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We always love it when our wedding photography is featured in wedding magazines, especially when the weddings are as special as Grace and Paul’s beautiful wedding!  Oregon Bride Magazine’s current issue features the beautiful wedding of a Portland ballerina and an art maven.  (You can see our full blog post on the wedding here!)  Grace was a professional ballerina, dancing with the Oregon Ballet (she has now moved on to the San Francisco Ballet!), and her wedding was as delightful and graceful as she is.  Pick up a copy of Oregon Bride today and check it out!

Whether your wedding is at Portland Art Museum or Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, or in your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like Grace and Paul.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

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Embassy Suites Tigard Wedding Photo

What do Lebanese dance music, New Year’s Eve, a New York DJ, and lots of family and friends, have in common?  One heck of a good party, that’s what.

Back in July, we photographed Kirstin and Neal’s engagement portraits.  We knew then that their wedding was going to be quite an event, and we were not disappointed.  Held at the Embassy Suites in Tigard, it was a beautiful affair that kept guests on their toes, long after they rang in the new year together….

Here’s their story.

Look at the smile on Neal’s face as he waits to see his bride for the first time in her wedding dress!

You’d never know it was below 40 degrees outside; Kirstin and Neal’s love seemed to keep them quite warm….

Three, Two, One, Happy New Year!

A number of family and friends (including DJ Frankie; and Kirstin’s sister Julie, an event coordinator, who helped the wedding run so smoothly) flew in from New York for the party.  They added a definite east coast vibe to this party.

Next time you’re planning a New Year’s Eve wedding in Portland, New York, or wherever, let us know!  We want to tell your love story through our award-winning wedding photography!

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When Smarsh called us to photograph their Great Gatsby-themed Holiday Party, we had no idea it would be this Great.  Hosted at Yale Union in Portland, and designed and decorated by our friends at West Coast Event Productions, it was an awe-inspiring sight to behold.  From decor to dancers, jugglers to jigglers, I doubt you’ve ever been to a party quite like this!  Check it out!

Our intrepid photographers, Christa and AJ, got into the spirit of things and dressed the part!

Love the fez.  What a great touch! Next time you’re having a corporate party, event, wedding, or anything Gatsby-themed, call us at FritzPhoto!  We can’t wait!


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Portland Wedding Photography

A couple years ago we photographed the wedding of an amazingly talented couple, in the chapel at University of Portland. The music during the ceremony was either composed or arranged by the groom, Vicente Avella, and it was stunning.

Vicente recently recorded a new album of wedding ceremony music, All the Days of My Life, to great acclaim (check it out here). It even features our photo of his bride on the cover.  It’s soothing and lovely.

“I hold the memory of my own wedding as one of the most beautiful days of my life,” Vicente says. “I can recall every detail: the crisp October afternoon, the clear skies, the dried leaves on the ground, that first moment I saw my bride dressed in white, the love I felt, the look in her eyes, the way everyone there radiated happiness, and the thrilling rush as we ran out of the church hand in hand, starting our lives together as husband and wife. Those memories will remain with me forever. They hold within them everything that is most meaningful to me.”

We were there, running out of the church with them!  It’s a privilege not only to have worked with the Avellas at their wedding, but to also play a small part in Vicente’s success.  Congratulations, and keep up the beautiful work!


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