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We get to be so sneaky sometimes…. Portland Photographer

She didn’t even know we were here, taking pictures. Proposal photography multnomah falls

And she didn’t see this coming.

Proposal photography Portland

Joy on his face, and surprise on hers.
Proposal photography wahclella falls

And she said yes, sealing it with a kiss. Proposal photography multnomah falls

The best response of all: unmitigated joy. Portland Photographer Proposal photography multnomah falls Engagement portraits wahclella falls Portland Photographer Portland Wedding Photographer

What an absolute delight to get to be there when you proposed, Arvind.  What an honor and a joy.  Thanks for letting us be your proposal photographers, and help you remember this day for the rest of your lives.

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Portland Engagement Portrait PhotographerI really like Jesse and Regina.  A psychologist and yoga instructor respectively, they are thoughtful, intelligent, and a lot of fun.  They laugh easily.  And they really really like each other.  It’s so obvious in the way they communicate, compliment each other, and laugh together.  We had a great time photographing their engagement portraits at Jenkins Estate, in Beaverton, this spring.  I’m so excited to photograph their wedding in just a couple of months….
Portland Engagement Photos Photographers Portland Engagement Portraits Photographer Portland Photographer
Portland Portrait Photographer Portland Proposal Photographer Portland Engagement Portrait Photography Portland Photographer

Congratulations on your engagement, Regina and Jesse!  We can’t wait to be your wedding photographers!

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Engagement Proposal Photography Portland

When you’re planning your wedding, there’s no question about whether or not you’ll have a wedding photographer there. You know you want every single moment captured forever. But what about your proposal? It’s an equally special and personal moment. While the wedding is often thought of as ‘the most important day ever’, the proposal is actually the one time when it’s just about you two, which makes it even more special.

We know how to be discreet, and to capture that catch-your-breath moment when someone drops down on one knee.  And after your special someone says, “Yes!”, we’ll create some beautiful engagement portraits for you on the spot.

And that’s just what we did for Dio and his girlfriend.  He called us from California, saying they were planning to spend a few days in Portland, and that he wanted to propose.  We said yes!

A lot of planning goes in to proposal photography.  We secretly arranged a location (Hoyt Arboretum) and time, and then it was go time!

As you can see in the photo essay below, she said yes!
Portland Proposal Photographer Proposal Photography Portland Engagement Proposal Photography Portland-4 Engagement Proposal Photography Portland-5 Engagement Proposal Photography Portland-6 Engagement Proposal Photography Portland-7 Engagement Proposal Photography Portland-8 Engagement Proposal Photography Portland-9

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Best Portland Wedding Photographers

In spite of the May rains, Bryan and Shashima’s wedding, at Bridal Veil Lakes, was an amazing day, filled with lots of laughter.  Bryan and Shashima are both medical students, taking time out of their studies for the weekend to get married.  Shashima’s laughter and Bryan’s gentle charm made for a beautiful day.

Before heading out to Bridal Veil Lakes for their wedding portrait photography, the groomsmen got ready in downtown Portland at The Nines, and the ladies at The Riverplace Hotel.  Then we all drove out to the magnificent wedding venue in the Columbia River Gorge, and took some beautiful photographs.

FritzPhoto-Ing-070 FritzPhoto-Ing-073 FritzPhoto-Ing-077 FritzPhoto-Ing-089 FritzPhoto-Ing-101 FritzPhoto-Ing-113

Most of the time, couples like to have their wedding portrait photography down before the ceremony, so they can relax and enjoy the cocktail hour and reception without interruption.  So we arrange for a First Look, where the couple gets to see each other in all their wedding glory for the first time.  And Bridal Veil Lake gives us some stunning locations for this beautiful moment:

FritzPhoto-Ing-133 FritzPhoto-Ing-144 FritzPhoto-Ing-150 FritzPhoto-Ing-152 FritzPhoto-Ing-157 FritzPhoto-Ing-163 FritzPhoto-Ing-167 FritzPhoto-Ing-173 FritzPhoto-Ing-188 FritzPhoto-Ing-204 FritzPhoto-Ing-206 FritzPhoto-Ing-219 FritzPhoto-Ing-245 FritzPhoto-Ing-247 FritzPhoto-Ing-274 FritzPhoto-Ing-289

It was a misty day when we arrived at the Lakes, but soon it turned to rain.  It was a good thing Shashima and her bridesmaids had brought along some red umbrellas!

FritzPhoto-Ing-295 FritzPhoto-Ing-359

FritzPhoto-Ing-443 FritzPhoto-Ing-451

We just have to give a shout-out to Whitney Werts, of Whitney Werts Events, for her awesome work on this wedding.  With the onset of the rain, she was so on the ball: ordering tents and heaters, moving everything indoors, and having a great attitude all the while.  We just loved working with Whitney and Stephanie, and their hard work made the day so much better, in spite of the rain!
FritzPhoto-Ing-479 FritzPhoto-Ing-349

A couple of other wedding vendors made this wedding extra special as well: The Lamb’s Table served up some of the best wedding food we’ve ever had.  And that’s saying something.  So tasty, so gourmet, and so pretty…what a treat.

And the music!  Andrew Serino of John Ross Music didn’t just DJ the day, he played most of the music on-site, live.  It was so beautiful.

FritzPhoto-Ing-528 FritzPhoto-Ing-607 FritzPhoto-Ing-674 FritzPhoto-Ing-754 FritzPhoto-Ing-756 FritzPhoto-Ing-774

Thank you, Bryan and Shashima, for letting us be your wedding photographers!

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Hillsboro Wedding Photographers FritzPhoto

One of the best parts of being networked with other vendors in the wedding industry is getting to collaborate on fun photo shoots together! For this styled shoot, we worked with The Power of Love Rentals (http://www.powerofloverentals.com/) to add to our vintage citrus feel.  Melanie Salazar at Delectable put together a “naked cake” for us to photograph, and I’ll admit we may have all sat down and ate it when the shoot was over.  It looked so pretty, but it tasted amazing!  We met out at Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint and all of our models did a fabulous job trucking through the tall grass in their fancy outfits!  It is so much fun working with such great professionals!

Forest Grove Wedding Photographer Forest Grove Wedding Photographer Forest Grove Wedding Photographer Forest Grove Wedding Photographer Hillsboro Wedding Photographer Hillsboro Wedding Photographer

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Indian Wedding Photography Portland

When the Singhs contacted us about photographing their Indian Wedding Anniversary, we were so excited.  There is just nothing like an Indian wedding or party for color, laughter, and excitement.  And this was no exception!  The photos convey it all: music, laughter, dancing, family, fun, and lots of love…it’s all there. Indian Wedding Photography Portland Indian Wedding Photography Portland Indian Wedding Photography Portland Indian Wedding Photography Portland

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Portland Photographer

On the morning of Allison and Michael’s wedding I got a call from Allison. She said they were going to be late, and I could hear in her voice that she was a little upset.  The plan was to meet at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral before the ceremony for portraits. However, the night before during the rehearsal dinner, Michael’s wedding ring and Allison’s shoes were stolen out of a bridesmaid’s car. Luckily her dress was left untouched, but they had to make a last-minute run to the department store to find replacements. Fortunately, the good folks at Nordstrom, after hearing Allison’s story, hooked her up with a free pair of shoes.

Low and behold, the bride and groom were only a few minutes behind and they were in great spirits! Given the potential stress that can be caused by theft, especially in regards to a wedding, I was incredibly impressed by Allison and Michael’s cheerfulness as we started shooting their portraits. I nearly forgot about the phone call I’d had with Allison earlier. I’d say it speaks a great deal about their character to remain so positive given the circumstance so that they could enjoy and be in the moment at hand.

By the time the reception rolled around you would have never known anything had gone awry if you had seen the newlyweds holding hands with their friends and family, laughing euphorically, as they whirled around in a large circle during a traditional Greek dance while their parents showered them with dollar bills.

Portland Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral Wedding Photo Portland Photographer
Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer Portland Photographer

Many thanks to all those who made this wedding so beautiful!  If you’re looking for the best in Portland Wedding Photography, call us today!

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Beaverton Senior Portrait Photographer

Julia is a high school senior from Lake Oswego, and we had a great time photographing her senior photos together!  We photographed at the beautiful Jenkins Estate in Beaverton, enjoying a surprisingly warm day for late winter.  Check out some of the beautiful photos we created together!

Beaverton Senior Portrait Photographer Beaverton Senior Portrait Photographer Beaverton Senior Portrait Photographer Beaverton Senior Portrait Photographer Hillsboro Senior Portrait Photographer
Hillsboro Senior Portrait Photographer Hillsboro Senior Portrait Photographer


Julia is a twin, and her brother Daniel came along for some senior photos as well.  He’s the coolest older brother: this big, strong, sweet guy actually carried his sister around (which he says he does often) when she had some shoe problems….  What a great big brother!
Beaverton Senior Photos

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Multnomah Falls Proposal Engagement Photography

She wended her way up the trail toward the bridge at Multnomah Falls, her yellow umbrella guiding her way like a beacon.  I watched and waited, pretending to be a tourist.  Arvind stood nearby, a ring in his pocket….
Multnomah Falls Proposal Engagement Photography

When she arrived, he bent down on one knee, sharing his heart with her.   Multnomah Falls Proposal Engagement Photography

And she said yes.  Yes! Multnomah Falls Proposal Engagement Photography Multnomah Falls Proposal Engagement Photography Multnomah Falls Proposal Engagement Photography

Multnomah Falls is such an amazing location for proposing.  Even in the rain!  I loved being the one to photograph Arvind’s proposal, and that magical kiss.  Afterward, we photographed some engagement portraits with Multnomah Falls in the background, to commemorate this amazing day. Multnomah Falls Engagement Photography Multnomah Falls Engagement Photographer

Congratulations, you two!  We’re so excited to have been with you on one of the most important days of your lives!

Proposal photography is a special occasion.  If you’re thinking of proposing at Multnomah Falls, let us help you plan out the perfect proposal!  As professional proposal photographers, in Portland and abroad, we can help you make this the most memorable event in your life.  Just ask.  We’re here to help.

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What better place to photograph engagement photos in Portland in the fall than at Hoyt Arboretum?  With so many beautiful trees to choose from…it makes for a great venue for portrait photography.  So I traipsed around the park with Whitney and Paul, as we talked about their lives, their busy schedules, how they met, and their plans for their wedding.  It’s coming up in October, at the lovely Ainsworth House in Oregon City.  We love wedding photography at Ainsworth House, and can’t wait!


FritzPhoto-Portland Engagement Portrait-Photographer
FritzPhoto-Portland Engagement Portraits

In spite of telling me that they feel awkward when being photographed, I couldn’t tell.  They’re a lot of fun, and I think it shows in the photos.

FritzPhoto-Portland Portrait Photographer

Whitney and Paul thought long and hard about who to hire for their wedding photographer.  They wanted a photographer that is affordable, yet artistic and experienced, whose wedding photography stands out from the crowd.  (And there’s a real crowd of wedding photographers in Portland!)  So we were really honored when they finally decided to ask us to be their wedding photographers!

Are you looking for an Ainsworth House Wedding Photographer? As one of their preferred photographers, we’d love to photograph your wedding at Ainsworth House–storm or no storm!  Contact us today to learn more!

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Portland Proposal Photography


For the fourth time this winter, we’ve had the privilege of sneaking around and photographing couples while they propose. Thankfully, all of the girls have said yes, including Aman’s new fiance!

After a trek in to Wahclella Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge (as we secretly followed them), Aman proposed.  Congratulations!

Portland Engagement Proposal Photographer Engagement Portraits Columbia River Gorge Engagement Portrait Photographer Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls

If you’re looking for spectacular engagement portrait photography in Portland, or photojournalistic proposal photography, give us a call!  We love to tell love stories!

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Oregon Wedding Photographer
Monica and Dave, both music lovers, fittingly met while studying music education together at the University of Oregon. Dave was also, funnily enough, very impressed by how white Monica kept her shoes, and, well, one thing led to another and Dave proposed. At the time, Monica’s ancient Jeep had recently broken down, and Dave not only surprised her with an engagement ring but also a key ring to new working car!

The newly engaged couple held their wedding in the summer with Mt. Hood as a backdrop while they said their vows. Arborvitae and rhododendron plants surrounded them. Their venue, Reardon Nursery in Boring, Oregon, was of special importance because their family owned it. Monica actually grew up on the property, and the two of them traveled from Medford where they live to host their wedding there. Exploring the far-flung corners of the nursery was particularly fun because we got to load up the entire bridal party into a couple SUVs and cruise the dirt roads between aisles of potted plants to find the best shooting locations.

Oregon Wedding Photographer FritzPhoto-Sommers-064 FritzPhoto-Sommers-069 FritzPhoto-Sommers-076 FritzPhoto-Sommers-082 FritzPhoto-Sommers-133 FritzPhoto-Sommers-154 FritzPhoto-Sommers-160 FritzPhoto-Sommers-178 FritzPhoto-Sommers-184 Portland Reardon Nursery Wedding Photos FritzPhoto-Sommers-207 FritzPhoto-Sommers-213 FritzPhoto-Sommers-232 FritzPhoto-Sommers-236 FritzPhoto-Sommers-249 FritzPhoto-Sommers-337 FritzPhoto-Sommers-351 FritzPhoto-Sommers-385 FritzPhoto-Sommers-424 FritzPhoto-Sommers-429 FritzPhoto-Sommers-443 FritzPhoto-Sommers-470 FritzPhoto-Sommers-494 FritzPhoto-Sommers-519 FritzPhoto-Sommers-524 FritzPhoto-Sommers-536 FritzPhoto-Sommers-595 FritzPhoto-Sommers-598 FritzPhoto-Sommers-631 FritzPhoto-Sommers-651 Oregon Farm Wedding Portland Oregon Wedding Photographers FritzPhoto-Sommers-699 Oregon Wedding Photographer Bride Oregon Wedding Photography Oregon Wedding Photographers

Avid travelers, Monica and Dave spent their honeymoon touring the Dominican Republic for two weeks, enjoying the beautiful countryside, hiking alongside rivers and splish splashing down natural waterslides.

Thank you for letting us be your wedding photographers, Monica and Dave!  It was a wonderful wedding day.

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