Lakeside Gardens wedding photography Portland

Diego and Jessica and their families gathered at Portland’s Lakeside Gardens for their wedding and reception, and boy, did they have fun!  From the touching letter that Diego sent over to Jessica before their first look, to some fantastic toasts, to a hilarious dance party, it was a truly joyful day!

LuciaWeddings-Silva-009 LuciaWeddings-Silva-013 LuciaWeddings-Silva-023 LuciaWeddings-Silva-037 LuciaWeddings-Silva-048 LuciaWeddings-Silva-056 LuciaWeddings-Silva-057 LuciaWeddings-Silva-060 LuciaWeddings-Silva-065 LuciaWeddings-Silva-066 LuciaWeddings-Silva-069 LuciaWeddings-Silva-085 LuciaWeddings-Silva-087 LuciaWeddings-Silva-088 Lakeside Gardens wedding photographer Portland LuciaWeddings-Silva-095 LuciaWeddings-Silva-102 LuciaWeddings-Silva-104 LuciaWeddings-Silva-125 Lakeside Gardens wedding photography Portland LuciaWeddings-Silva-131 LuciaWeddings-Silva-217 LuciaWeddings-Silva-229 LuciaWeddings-Silva-231 LuciaWeddings-Silva-232 LuciaWeddings-Silva-236 LuciaWeddings-Silva-251 LuciaWeddings-Silva-254 LuciaWeddings-Silva-256 LuciaWeddings-Silva-258 LuciaWeddings-Silva-268 LuciaWeddings-Silva-280 LuciaWeddings-Silva-290 LuciaWeddings-Silva-300 LuciaWeddings-Silva-303
LuciaWeddings-Silva-316 LuciaWeddings-Silva-305 LuciaWeddings-Silva-334 LuciaWeddings-Silva-336 LuciaWeddings-Silva-349 LuciaWeddings-Silva-357 LuciaWeddings-Silva-366 LuciaWeddings-Silva-372 LuciaWeddings-Silva-374 LuciaWeddings-Silva-388 LuciaWeddings-Silva-391 LuciaWeddings-Silva-404 LuciaWeddings-Silva-428 LuciaWeddings-Silva-435 LuciaWeddings-Silva-442

Diego and Jessica, thank you for the privilege of being your wedding photographers at Lakeside Gardens!  What an honor.

~Your friends at FritzPhoto

Are you looking for a Lakeside Garden Wedding Photographer?  Contact us today; we would love to be your wedding photographers!

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FritzPhoto-Portland-Wedding-Portrait-Photographer007-Katie and Chris wanted a wedding that focused on the love they shared between them but also the love of the family and friends that surround them. Their wedding was made up of hand crafted elements and meaningful music (both Katie and Chris are musicians).  And lots of laughter!  And a few tears.  It was the loveliest of days!  Thank you Katie and Chris for allowing us to be a part of it!

FritzPhoto-Portland-Weddings-Photographers 001 FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer002- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer003- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer004- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer005- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer011- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer006- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer008- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer009-

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Cannon Beach Wedding Photography

I don’t’ think I’ve ever laughed as much at a wedding as this one. Jaime is an artist and Travis works for a non-profit in New York City. Alone, Jaime and Travis are connective and quiet, but you get these two around their friends and family and laughter and dancing are both guaranteed.

Desirea Still -2-4 Desirea Still -2-6 Desirea Still -55 Desirea Still -4466 Desirea Still -4521 Desirea Still -4610

Thank you Travis and Jaime for allowing us to be part of your romance!


We love to travel for destination weddings, whether in Massachusetts (where this couple were married) or in Oregon, Mexico or Thailand.  Give us a call about your destination wedding photography!

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Portland LDS Temple Wedding Photography

It’s a rare occasion when a bride and groom schedule a separate photo shoot of their bridal portraits for the day before their wedding.  But when they do…we can create something extra stunning!  We can choose the best light, and the best locations, and take our time creating something amazing.  And that’s just what we did with Kelsey and Tanner, at the Portland, Oregon LDS Temple.  Kelsey’s family and friends drove all the way from Eltopia, Washington, to get married at the beautiful Portland LDS Temple, and Tanner’s family came in from Ohio. Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography Amazing Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography

The LDS Temple in Portland, Oregon, really is an amazing building.  If you time it right, the light can be amazing.  Add in a super-cute couple, and you get the above photograph.

Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography

It also helps to photograph at the Portland LDS Temple when no one else is around!  Scheduling a separate portrait session allowed us to get the above image as the sun set in the background. And last but not least, what’s a wedding without cute kids?  The day after our portrait session, Kelsey and Tanner were married at the LDS Temple.  Afterward, they had a reception for friends and family at The Foundry at Oswego Pointe, in Lake Oswego.

Congratulations, Kelsey and Tanner!  Here’s to a lifetime of happiness together.


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I’ve known Natalie for a long time.  We first met when I was working on a personal photographic project at her middle school.  She and a friend posed for an image that I’ve always liked, in the series Quite Normal.  (See if you can recognize her there.)  A year or two later, her subtle freckles caught my attention, as I was photographing the series Astra Velum.  And another year or two later, her mom called me up to say that Natalie had made it in to the Jefferson Dancers, an elite dance troupe here in Portland, Oregon.  I spent a year documenting these amazing dancers and all their hard work.  (Below is a photo of Natalie I took when working on their publicity images this past year.)

Portland Dance Photography

Now Natalie’s a high school senior, and she asked me to take her senior portraits.  I was happy to do so!  I love working with other artists, and photographing dancers is one of my favorite things.  So it was a lot of fun to create Natalie’s senior portraits–both on the ground, and in the air! Portland Senior Photos Portland Dance PhotoCongratulations, Natalie!  I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes you from here!

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Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

I’m not sure how many countries Scott and Joy have traveled to, or how many versions of scorpion or snake they’ve eaten, or how far they’ve biked in the far corners of the world…but it’s a lot.  These guys like adventure, and their wedding day was no exception.  From The Modern Man on Mississippi, to Ainsworth House and Gardens in Oregon City, this wedding was itself a destination for a fun-loving crew of friends and family.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The groomsmen (and one woman)…

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The bride and her bridesmaids inside the historic Ainsworth House.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The Ainsworth House and Gardens features a stunning old pine tree, under which Scott and Joy said their vows.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

Scott and Joy’s theme was world travel, with each guest seated at a different country.

Portland Photobooth Photographer

These guys killed the Photobooth! It was crowded nearly the entire reception!

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography Ainsworth House Wedding Photographer Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

Portland Oregon Photobooth

At FritzPhoto, we have so much fun capturing wedding stories with our award-winning photography.  Thanks for a fun day, Scott and Joy!

Are you looking for an Ainsworth House Wedding Photographer? As one of their preferred photographers, we’d love to photograph your wedding at Ainsworth House–storm or no storm!  Contact us today to learn more!

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Desirea Still -3

Amanda is one of the most talented stylists and designers I’ve ever come across, so of course her and Phil’s wedding was going to be anything but traditional. Married in the middle of a park wearing vintage clothing, they vowed to always be there for one another. The reception took place in an art gallery complete with art on the walls and up on the stage.

Desirea Still -2 Desirea Still -9424 FritzPhoto Portland Wedding Photographers Desirea Still -9717 Desirea Still -9765

Amanda and Phil thank you for inviting us into your wedding filled with art and brimming over with love!

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Mike and Jamie had one of the most hilarious batches of groomsmen we’ve ever seen.  Add in a stunningly beautiful day in rural Oregon, outside of Portland, and you have the makings for a really fun party.  Click on any image to view them full-screen, and see how much fun we all had together!

FritzPhoto-Boucier-693 FritzPhoto-Boucier-686 FritzPhoto-Boucier-685 FritzPhoto-Boucier-683 FritzPhoto-Boucier-662 FritzPhoto-Boucier-650 FritzPhoto-Boucier-610 FritzPhoto-Boucier-577 FritzPhoto-Boucier-575 FritzPhoto-Boucier-561 FritzPhoto-Boucier-546 FritzPhoto-Boucier-528 FritzPhoto-Boucier-492 FritzPhoto-Boucier-434 FritzPhoto-Boucier-429 FritzPhoto-Boucier-413 FritzPhoto-Boucier-366 FritzPhoto-Boucier-349 FritzPhoto-Boucier-274 FritzPhoto-Boucier-239 FritzPhoto-Boucier-189 FritzPhoto-Boucier-186 FritzPhoto-Boucier-181 FritzPhoto-Boucier-135 FritzPhoto-Boucier-132 FritzPhoto-Boucier-130 FritzPhoto-Boucier-123 FritzPhoto-Boucier-099 FritzPhoto-Boucier-096 FritzPhoto-Boucier-069 FritzPhoto-Boucier-064

When you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Portland, Oregon area, be sure to call us at Fritz Photography.  We’ll bring our award-winning photography to capture your wedding story!

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When twins Lana and Mirna contacted us wanting some modeling photos, we jumped at the chance to photograph these gorgeous twins!  After our professional makeup artist prepped them in the studio, we set up at Edgefield, and made use of their wonderful artsy location.  One is fun, but two is…amazing.  Check out what we created together…. When you’re ready for a test shoot or modeling portfolio, give us a call at FritzPhoto!  We’d love to create something truly amazing with you.


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We really enjoy finding new model talent in Portland, and helping them build a great modeling portfolio.  Models we’ve help get started now work in New York and LA, as well as in Portland.  They model for magazines and and ads, and act in commercials and on television.  It’s fun to see where they go after we get them started!

We recently had the privilege of photographing Alex, an aspiring model here in Portland.  And yes, she actually is a boxer!  It’s fun to create a variety of looks for models, and show their different sides, from athletic to glamorous.  Alex can easily do both, gracefully.

After our photo shoot together, we helped Alex get connected and signed with Muse Models, here in Portland; she ended up signing with them, and Muse is now representing her modeling career.  Congratulations, Alexandrea!  You’re going places!

If you’d like to get your modeling career started, or just see what it feels like to be in front of the camera for a modeling photo shoot, give us a call!  We make the process enjoyable, and the results are gorgeous.

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Desirea Still -3

Even though we’re based in Portland, Oregon, we love to photograph destination weddings around the country.  Having the opportunity to do Anastasia and Rick’s wedding photography in Muir Woods, California, was a real treat!

Anastasia is a designer for Free People.  Her and Rick’s wedding was filled with a laid back, hippie-chick vibe; married on the beach with the forest close by, Anastasia and Rick vowed to walk hand in hand for the rest of their time. Their wedding was all about love and the joy of connection.

Desirea Still -10 Desirea Still -6561 Desirea Still -6658 Desirea Still -6741 Desirea Still -6908

Thank you Anastasia and Rick for letting us capture your sacred day.

We love to travel for destination weddings, whether in California or in Oregon, Mexico or Thailand.  Give us a call about your destination wedding photography!

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Portland Abernethy Center Wedding Photography

Tiffany and Steven came all the way from Langley, British Columbia to have their wedding at the Abernethy Center in Oregon City. One great thing about the Abernethy Center is the different, equally great options it has for ceremony locations, which came in handy on this day because the weather was being incredibly fickle. Originally, the plan was to have the ceremony at the Veiled Garden, an aptly named hideaway surrounded by verdant trees and bushes. However, due to the rain, the bride and groom opted to move the ceremony to the nearby Chapel with its ornate, wrought iron light fixtures hanging from dark, wooden ceiling joists.

Despite the change of plans, we were still able to use the Veiled Garden when taking photos of the newlyweds and their bridal party, and the ceremony was still incredibly beautiful in the chapel.

Although photographing in those two locations were definite highlights, my favorite thing about photographing this particular wedding was when the best man delivered a handwritten letter from Steven to Tiffany while she got ready. I don’t know what was written in the letter, but I could sense their love for each other as she read it by the smile on her face and the tears brimming in her eyes.

Tiffany wrote us a few days after the wedding, when she saw her wedding photos,

“The pictures were absolutely stunning!! We were totally at a loss for words when we looked through them.  We had to go through them twice! We are so happy and impressed with Kyle.  He was such an easy going but experienced photographer who we really enjoyed working with.  What a talented guy with such an eye for catching the moments we will never forget. We will be spreading the word to everyone we know about Fritz Photo, and we have the pictures to prove how fantastic your company is.”

Whether your wedding is at the Abernethy Center in Oregon City, or anywhere else in Oregon or around the world, you’ll love our award winning wedding photography.  Contact us today and let us tell your wedding story!

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