Beaverton’s Arts and Communication Magnet Academy

I love photographing dancers, and Jessalyn was no exception. We photographed at Jenkins Estate in Beaverton, closer to sunset so that we could capture the beautiful golden light. We were also able to utilize the lights they have there, which was so fun! Read on to see what this senior enjoys and looks forward to. 

When talking about dance, Jessalyn told me:

“I attended the National High School Festival in 2020 which was so much fun especially being able to meet people all over the U.S.”

“Before Covid I went to a summer intensive in Austin, Texas. It inspired me so much to see other dancers in love with dance as much as me!”

Dance isn’t her only passion, though! 

“My favorite hobbies are computer gaming, making my own jewelry, and thrifting with friends.”

Whether you’re a senior at Arts and Communication Magnet Academy, or anywhere else in the Portland area, give us a call when you’re ready for your senior photos! We absolutely love photographing seniors!

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Timber Sports Team and Future Farmer of America

When talking with Kiersten, I found out some really interesting things:

“I’m on the school timber sports team where I do choker sets and arbor climbing and spur climbing and sometimes axe throwing, also backpack and snowboard in the winter. Timber sports is cool because I like climbing stuff and it’s neat to participate in the traditions of Oregon’s loggers.”

She’s excited to “buy a cow and work with it for my FFA project,” and plans to “go to Montana State or Oregon State to study agriculture.” 

She participates in Future Farmers of America(FFA), forestry class and Future Natural Resource leaders(FNRL) team events, and her biggest hope is to “own a farm with potatoes and dairy cattle, and work with other farmers and lawmakers about soil and agricultural sustainability.” 

Whether you’re a senior at Rex Putnum High School in Milwaukie, or anywhere else in the Portland area, give us a call when you’re ready for your senior photos! We absolutely love photographing seniors!

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Portland’s Catlin Gabel Senior’s Portraits

I’ve known Hannah’s dad for many years, so when they asked me to take Hannah’s senior photos I instantly agreed. She’s just as creative and awesome as her dad, and we had a lot of fun on her shoot. 

Hannah’s Interests and Hopes

“I love playing music! I’m in my school’s jazz band (I play the keys). My favorite instrument is the accordion. I play at a Balkan music workshop in Mendocino. I also love the guitar and have been writing some guitar songs recently. I love making art communally– playing with other folks and having that shared experience.”

She loves “reading the classics, playing music, making playlists, and watching classic films!”

“I hope to make lots of deep interpersonal connections with folks. I think by learning about others we learn more about ourselves. I want to learn to write well. And I want to learn to experience emotions in their entirety instead of logically analyzing each and every one of them.”

Whether you’re a senior at Catlin Gabel, or anywhere else in the Portland area, give us a call when you’re ready for your senior photos

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Alabamians Take To Oregon Wine Country

Amy and Rick love wine, so they came to Oregon for the first time to spend a week in wine country. We met up on a beautiful fall day to celebrate their union, and drink wine! They reserved the cave at Domaine Serene to enjoy some charcuterie and cheese, and champagne to mark the occasion.

Every Little Detail

Amy and Rick thought of every little detail, from flowers to cake to vow booklets. It was a beautiful celebration of their love, and since they were hopping on a plane the next day, they shared their cake with us! Thank you so much for sharing your afternoon with us, we’re incredibly happy for you! We absolutely love celebrating and photographing weddings! Please contact us to talk about your special day, and be sure to ask about our current specials. In the meantime, check out our pricing on our website

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sexy engagement portrait photo

Engagement Portrait Photos In Every Season!

From sun to sand, snow to forests, we just love photographing engagement portraits.  Take a gander through these beauties, then call us when you’re ready for your own photo session!  We’d love to create something gorgeous with you to celebrate your love….

engagement photos on beach

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Sunrise ceremony, you say?

Waking up at 3am to drive to Trillium Lake is something we will not pass up! Arriving at the lake when the sky was just beginning to lighten is invigorating, not to mention the chill in the air, even in August. Amy and Jonathon traveled to Oregon specifically for the natural beauty, so it made perfect sense to have their ceremony with Mt. Hood in the background. 

A hot beverage for everyone!

Their ceremony was awe inspiring as the sun peaked out and the fog moved over the water. With their closest friends and family, Amy and Jonathon promised a life of adventure and love to one another. Then they had hot beverages and a picnic breakfast in the woods. Nothing could have been more perfect for these two!

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss our wedding photography! You can view our pricing on our website in the meantime. We look forward to hearing from you, sunrise ceremony or not! 

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True Love Was Made For You 

Emily and Chris are made for each other. When you first meet them you can tell they love and cherish one another, but seeing them celebrate their love with their family was one for the books. They are selfless, caring people who want nothing but the best for those they love, and they love a lot. 

Emily and Chris are in sync

Emily and Chris had a really special wedding at McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. They make the best of whatever comes their way, which I got to witness first hand. They opted not to have a DJ, and put Chris’s brother in charge of playing their first dance song. It wasn’t hooked up properly, and cut out shortly after the song began. As they scrambled to fix the issue, Chris started stomping his foot to the beat and singing A capella as he and Emily danced. Then Emily started harmonizing with him! It was such a beautiful and perfect moment.


You can see all our wedding packages and prices right here on our website, and contact us about your wedding photography! When you contact us, ask us about our current specials. We absolutely love weddings, and we’d love to work with you! 

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The Red Shed Wedding Photo

Ariana and Kevin’s Wedding at The Red Shed

We’ve known Ariana for a long time.  We first met her years ago when we photographed her mom’s wedding.  Then we photographed Ariana’s senior photos.  And then her brother’s wedding.  And we took her sister’s senior portraits.  And we photographed her sister’s wedding.  And finally…today…Ariana’s wedding!

We couldn’t be happier for her and her wonderful husband Kevin!  We’re so glad they found each other.  And we’re so glad we got to celebrate another major life event with this wonderful family!  They were married at the rustic barn at Langdon Farms’ The Red Shed.  A perfect winter day!


You can view all of our customizable wedding photography pricing and packages right here on our website, and contact us to talk about your wedding photography!  When you contact us, ask about our current specials.  We’ll take great care of you!

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Taking it Slow

Alejandro and Jackie spent the morning taking it slow. Alejandro took a couple of minutes writing his vows with a pen and paper. Jackie spent the morning with her bridesmaids making their own bouquets and curling each others’ hair. The ceremony was beautiful and they ended their day with slices of pie instead of cake. This day was so unique and gorgeous!

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We have had SO MUCH FUN photographing our Class of 2022 seniors this year!  So many smart, beautiful, talented high school seniors, from all over the Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro/Tigard/Lake Oswego/Clackamas region.  We’ve photographed in  sunshine, in rain, during the day, during the golden hour, at night, in downtown Portland and out in the country.  We’ve taken senior photos of dancers, actors and actresses, musicians, football players, fashionistas, writers, and so much more.  Every senior session outing is a long conversation with an interesting person!  It’s been a blast.  We can’t wait to see where all these seniors go in the years to come!

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Justin and Gloria has a lovely reception at Portland’s Blockhouse this summer. They’d previously held their wedding elsewhere (2020-21 has been a crazy year for trying to schedule weddings, during the pandemic!), and this beautiful summer evening was a way to connect with local friends and family and celebrate their marriage.

Located at Pomarius Nursery, Blockhouse lives up to its description: “Tucked away in an intimate garden is our chef-inspired kitchen, where meals are shared, connections are made and life is celebrated.”  Desirea had a great time photographing this intimate celebration with Justin and Gloria!

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Portland Sweet 16 photo shoot


Sweet 16!

A few months ago, we worked with Selena on a modeling photo shoot, for a beauty pageant she was participating in. She had great taste, and great ideas, and was really fun to photograph.

So when we got the call that she wanted us to photograph her Sweet 16 party, we were all in!

And what a party! The decor, her dress, the lighting, the cake, the friends, the dancing…what an absolute blast for everyone. And for us as the photographers!


Portland Quinceanera photos Portland Quinceanera photo shoot Portland Quinceanera photo shoots

So much fun!

Selena and her friends and family had a blast at this party. What a great excuse to let loose and have some fun, after a stressful year.  And a great opportunity to show off some beautiful dresses!

Planning a Party?

Are you planning a party, Sweet 16, Quincenera, wedding, or other event?  Give us a call and talk with us about capturing the joy on the faces of your guests.  As Portland’s best event photography studio, we’re ready for you.

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