Andie & Andrew * Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

In Love at Ainsworth House

Andie and Andrew (yes, those are their names!  A perfect pair!) were so much fun to photograph at their wedding at Ainsworth House and Gardens this summer.  They are both so sweet and kind…the sort of people you just feel happy about, knowing that they found each other.  There were a lot of laughs, and a few tears, over the course of the day, which is just right for a wedding….

Check out their wedding story here:


Ainsworth House bride and groom portraitAinsworth house pine tree ceremonyAinsworth house pine tree ceremony photoAinsworth house pine tree ceremony Picture

First Dance

Andie and Andrew had a dance prepared for the reception, and it was both beautiful and moving to watch!

Golden Hour Portraits

We headed outside at the Golden Hour for some portraits, and it was so lovely! Easily our favorite time of day to photograph, especially portraits of people in love. Everything just glows.

Ainsworth House sparkler sendoff photo

The Sparkler Sendoff at Ainsworth House

Ainsworth House has one of the best traditions of all wedding venues: a sparkler sendoff!  It’s so beautiful and romantic, and the perfect end to a perfect wedding day!

Fletcher and Fritz had so much fun photographing this wedding.  And we’d love to photograph your wedding!  Check our our Portland wedding photography pricing here.  Or contact us today to talk it over!

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