Love In Action

Doesn’t that lady have one of the best smiles in the entire world?  That’s my wife.

Some of my favorite work involves photographing children in orphanages.  These kids have had rougher lives by age 4 than most of us have in a lifetime.  So having a day or a week to play with, talk with, encourage, and photograph them is a blessing.  I love to make them laugh.

These photos are taken at Love In Action, a home for orphaned, abused, and homeless children in Chapala, Mexico.  My good friend Summer Phillips (below) lives and works there, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to support her this week.  She works so very hard for these kids in an orphanage that is regularly understaffed and underfunded.  But she loves it, and she makes a difference.  A big difference.

I’d encourage you to support Love in Action.  You can visit them on the web at

Some of my favorite photographs of myself involve me being strangled by kids.  I have photos like this from all over the world, and they make me smile every time I see them:

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Visit Love in Action’s website (soon to be revamped with my photographs, and a new site design), and support them with a donation:

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