Monthly Archives: March 2008

Hyde Park

London’s Hyde Park reminds me of New York’s Central Park: large, central, well used by the community, lotsVIEW FULL POST »

The National Gallery Portico

All the major museums here in London are free to the public (except for special exhibitions, in particular wings, whichVIEW FULL POST »

Critical Mass Winners

I received notice yesterday from PhotoLucida’s Critical Mass Competition that I was selected in their top 50VIEW FULL POST »

The Birds of Trafalgar Square

More street shooting, from Trafalgar Square. (I think that any time you can include ‘Trafalgar Square’ inVIEW FULL POST »

Hitting the Streets in London

Well, finally, I have something to show you. Shannon and I went into the city on Monday, and I must say: the peopleVIEW FULL POST »

Manna House

After a week of walking and watching in Yorkshire, we are now settled in at Manna House, a hospitality house of OM, inVIEW FULL POST »

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