Douglas Lynch

Did you know that Portland, Oregon, has an official flag? Do you know who designed it? I didn’t until now. The answer is: Douglas Lynch.

You may have seen his work around. He was commissioned, in the 1930s, to create mural panels for the Works Project Administration (WPA) at Timberline Lodge.

Some of his work is incorporated into Lynda Wysong’s installation at the Delta Park/Vanport Max Station.

And his flag, designed in 1969 (and revamped in 2002), flies at Portland City Hall, the Portland Building, Pioneer Courthouse Square and other locations.

And he still designs labels for a local vintner, updating annually a label he first designed several decades ago.

Douglas and his sweet wife Alix still live in the same house they’ve had for fifty years, sitting inconspicuously right off busy NW 23rd. It’s filled with their collections of books, folk art, and music–more LPs than I’ve ever seen in one person’s collection.

Over his 94 years, Douglas has worked as a commercial artist (back before the term ‘graphic arts’ even existed), taught for 30 years at the Museum Art School (having graduated from there in the 1930s…he has some interesting stories to tell about it’s history…), was the president of the Portland Art Commission, and more.

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  • May 30, 2007 - 8:26 pm

    isaiah - I just saw some of Douglas’ incredible work at the Timberline Lodge on a PBS special. How moving his work is.

    I am blessed to now know of Douglas.

  • July 17, 2008 - 12:59 pm

    robvukovic - Doug Lynch’s wife Alixandra spells her name with an i not an e. It’s Alix.

    Rob Vukovic’ (a family friend)

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