The Red Shed Wedding Photo

Ariana and Kevin’s Wedding at The Red Shed

We’ve known Ariana for a long time.  We first met her years ago when we photographed her mom’s wedding.  Then we photographed Ariana’s senior photos.  And then her brother’s wedding.  And we took her sister’s senior portraits.  And we photographed her sister’s wedding.  And finally…today…Ariana’s wedding!

We couldn’t be happier for her and her wonderful husband Kevin!  We’re so glad they found each other.  And we’re so glad we got to celebrate another major life event with this wonderful family!  They were married at the rustic barn at Langdon Farms’ The Red Shed.  A perfect winter day!


You can view all of our customizable wedding photography pricing and packages right here on our website, and contact us to talk about your wedding photography!  When you contact us, ask about our current specials.  We’ll take great care of you!

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We have had SO MUCH FUN photographing our Class of 2022 seniors this year!  So many smart, beautiful, talented high school seniors, from all over the Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro/Tigard/Lake Oswego/Clackamas region.  We’ve photographed in  sunshine, in rain, during the day, during the golden hour, at night, in downtown Portland and out in the country.  We’ve taken senior photos of dancers, actors and actresses, musicians, football players, fashionistas, writers, and so much more.  Every senior session outing is a long conversation with an interesting person!  It’s been a blast.  We can’t wait to see where all these seniors go in the years to come!

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Justin and Gloria has a lovely reception at Portland’s Blockhouse this summer. They’d previously held their wedding elsewhere (2020-21 has been a crazy year for trying to schedule weddings, during the pandemic!), and this beautiful summer evening was a way to connect with local friends and family and celebrate their marriage.

Located at Pomarius Nursery, Blockhouse lives up to its description: “Tucked away in an intimate garden is our chef-inspired kitchen, where meals are shared, connections are made and life is celebrated.”  Desirea had a great time photographing this intimate celebration with Justin and Gloria!

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Portland Sweet 16 photo shoot


Sweet 16!

A few months ago, we worked with Selena on a modeling photo shoot, for a beauty pageant she was participating in. She had great taste, and great ideas, and was really fun to photograph.

So when we got the call that she wanted us to photograph her Sweet 16 party, we were all in!

And what a party! The decor, her dress, the lighting, the cake, the friends, the dancing…what an absolute blast for everyone. And for us as the photographers!


Portland Quinceanera photos Portland Quinceanera photo shoot Portland Quinceanera photo shoots

So much fun!

Selena and her friends and family had a blast at this party. What a great excuse to let loose and have some fun, after a stressful year.  And a great opportunity to show off some beautiful dresses!

Planning a Party?

Are you planning a party, Sweet 16, Quincenera, wedding, or other event?  Give us a call and talk with us about capturing the joy on the faces of your guests.  As Portland’s best event photography studio, we’re ready for you.

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A Laid Back Wedding in the Mt Hood National Forest

Galvin and Rebecca had a beautiful wedding deep in the backwoods of Mt. Hood National Forest. It was a small wedding, which fit their little cabin venue perfectly. Surrounded by friends and family, the stunning Oregon landscape, and a few cigars on the deck, they enjoyed what must have been the most relaxed wedding of the year….


Mt Hood wedding ceremony photo Mt Hood wedding ceremony photos mt hood wedding bride and bridesmaid mt hood oregon wedding photo bride and groom in mt hood wedding


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Abernethy Center Wedding Photography

Kelsey and Joe’s love was so heartfelt and inspiring–you could feel it in the air.  They share similar values and personal paths, and laugh like they’ve known each other forever.  It was truly a beautiful day, and we’re so grateful to be a part of it.

It’s always a pleasure to photograph weddings at the Abernethy Center, as one of their preferred photographers.  And all of the laughter at Kelsey and Joe’s wedding made it that much more enjoyable.

Kelsey and Joe’s love was so heartfelt and inspiring–you could feel it in the air.  They share similar values and personal paths, and laugh like they’ve known each other forever.  It was truly a beautiful day, and we’re so grateful to be a part of it.

It’s always a pleasure to photograph weddings at the Abernethy Center, as one of their preferred photographers.  And all of the laughter at Kelsey and Joe’s wedding made it that much more enjoyable.

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In Love at Ainsworth House

Andie and Andrew (yes, those are their names!  A perfect pair!) were so much fun to photograph at their wedding at Ainsworth House and Gardens this summer.  They are both so sweet and kind…the sort of people you just feel happy about, knowing that they found each other.  There were a lot of laughs, and a few tears, over the course of the day, which is just right for a wedding….

Check out their wedding story here:


Ainsworth House bride and groom portrait Ainsworth house pine tree ceremony Ainsworth house pine tree ceremony photo Ainsworth house pine tree ceremony Picture

First Dance

Andie and Andrew had a dance prepared for the reception, and it was both beautiful and moving to watch!

Golden Hour Portraits

We headed outside at the Golden Hour for some portraits, and it was so lovely! Easily our favorite time of day to photograph, especially portraits of people in love. Everything just glows.

Ainsworth House sparkler sendoff photo

The Sparkler Sendoff at Ainsworth House

Ainsworth House has one of the best traditions of all wedding venues: a sparkler sendoff!  It’s so beautiful and romantic, and the perfect end to a perfect wedding day!

Fletcher and Fritz had so much fun photographing this wedding.  And we’d love to photograph your wedding!  Check our our Portland wedding photography pricing here.  Or contact us today to talk it over!

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Franklin HS Senior Photo 1


Portland’s Franklin High School Senior Photos

I met Harper at one of my favorite locations for photographing senior photos, and really enjoyed working with this thoughtful and bright young lady.  (And since then, I’ve photographed a whole bunch of her Franklin High School friends’ senior photos too!)  We had a lot of time to chat as we walked between portrait locations, and I enjoyed getting to know her.  Read on to learn a little more about this high school senior’s loves!

What Harper Loves

“I play both basketball and tennis. I love the team work aspect of both sports, and I love how tennis gives me a chance to be outdoors.

I love to spend time with friends, cook, and workout.

“I love going on road trips and would love to do more with friends because I feel like it’s a great bonding activity and would be a fun celebration of end of senior year.”

Franklin HS Senior Photos

Future Plans After High School

I asked Harper what she wants to do after high school, and this is what she told me:

I’m planning to study sociology, but have not decided where yet. I would love to be able to help people and make the world a better place and have a content life full of loving friendships and relationships.”

This seems fitting for someone who clearly has lots of healthy friendships, and show clear evidence of a caring heart!

Whether you’re a senior at Franklin High School in Portland, or anywhere else in the Portland area, give us a call when you’re ready for your senior photos

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Alt senior photos portland

Zoe’s Personal Style

I’ve had so much fun this year photographing 2021 high school seniors from Franklin High School in Portland!  (Check out this post featuring senior photos of 4 senior friends from Franklin….)  Zoe came to us after seeing the senior pictures of her friend Harper.  I loved working with Zoe to capture her personal style in her senior photos.

A Fashion Designer in the Making

Zoe wants to be a fashion designer or stylist, which is obvious the first time you meet her.  Her personal sense of style is unmistakable.  She loves making clothes (in addition to doing makeup), and we had so much fun photographing her in various outfits, in Lake Oswego.  Scroll through her senior pictures here to get a sense for her style.  

strong women senior photo Portland Alternative senior photos portland


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Pirate engagement photos

I like Tyler and Ruth.  Not only are they personable, thoughtful, and earnest, but there’s a spark there…some creativity and delight under the surface, which I really enjoy.

Ruth is a crafter, and her favorite craft is sewing.  I asked her recently, as we were planning their engagement portrait session, if she had any interesting clothing she could bring along.  When she mentioned a pirate costume, I said she had to bring it.  And she did not disappoint!

When she arrived at the park for their engagement photos, the pirate costume just kept unfolding: boots, coats, belts, swords, scabbards, a flintlock pistol….  And all of it color coordinated.  I was so impressed.

And the photos….  Well, see for yourself.  I think they’re some of the most fun engagement portraits I’ve ever taken.  

Pirate engagement portrait Beaverton Oregon Pirate engagement portraits Portland Pirate engagement portrait

Even their non-pirate outfits were color coordinated!  This girl is amazing!  Tyler, you’re a lucky man.  I can’t wait to see what your actual wedding looks like in June, at Abernethy Center!

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Ellie’s senior photos

Four Friends from Franklin 

It’s been a wonderful year for senior photos, in spite of all the craziness associated with Covid, distance learning, social distancing, and a recession.  We’ve had so much fun photographing a diverse group of high school seniors, making the most of their disrupted senior year.  One of the more enjoyable experiences this year has involved photographing senior portraits for a group of friends from Franklin High School.  At first we didn’t even know they were friends….

Carmen’s senior photos

They Just Kept Coming!

I started by photographing Harper’s senior photos, at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge.  I knew she was from Portland’s Franklin High School, but that’s it.  But then Oby came in for her senior photo session, and she mentioned that she knew Harper.  Small world, I thought.

Then Carmen came in for her senior portrait session at the studio, and she mentioned that she was friends with Harper and Oby, and that Oby had referred her.  

And the same day I photographed Carmen’s senior pictures, Ellie called and asked about a session, saying that Carmen had referred her.  I still had a slot open that very day, so with just a couple hours’ notice, she met me at the Refuge for a beautiful evening senior photo session.  It was 42 degrees, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the photos!

Harper’s senior photos

Oby’s senior photos

Referral Rewards for Senior Pictures

We love photographing senior photos so much!  And we love to reward our seniors for their referrals by giving out $20 Dutch Bros gift cards for each one.  Thank you, Franklin Friends, for referring each other for your senior photo sessions!  I’m so grateful.

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