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Black Belt Bride and Cracker Jack Boxes: Richelle and Nick’s Wedding

Wedding receptions are a hoot to photograph because during the speeches I become privy to all the hilarious inside stories only known by those close to the bride and groom. Last Saturday, a story told by the father of the bride at Richelle and Nick’s wedding was a perfect example. Months prior to the wedding at The Foundry in Lake Oswego, Richelle’s dad had walked in on Nick and her in a compromising position. Before your minds wander too far astray, it turns out that while wrestling in the downstairs living room the bride-to-be had wrangled her fiancé into a strangle hold, thoroughly incapacitating him.

During the reception at The Foundry, Richelle’s dad told this story with great pride and got an uproarious laugh from the guests. It was hard to imagine this petite, beautiful, well-mannered woman throwing the smack down on the man sitting next to her. Little did I know that Richelle is a full-blown, double black belt martial artist and is no stranger to dealing damage. Nick, of course, took this story in good stride, and it was easy to tell he was quite proud to have such a strong, confident bride beside him.

And Nick must be given credit where credit is due for netting his bride. Moments before shooting the first look, he told me their adorable engagement story. While on a fishing trip, he attached a Cracker Jack box to her line, and when she reeled it in and opened it she found her ring inside. Pretty smooth, Nick. Pretty smooth.

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Wedding Venue: The Foundry at Oswego Pointe

Wedding Catering: Premiere Catering

Wedding DJ: Rebecca Pickrel

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