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“Beneficio de Cafe” in Lenswork 94

undefinedI’m pleased to announce the publication of my series Benificio de Cafe in the current issue of Lenswork Magazine Extended. Lenswork’s print edition has, in my opinion, the finest reproductions of black and white images of any photography magazine out there.  And their Extended editions (available on CD and digital download for your iPad) are very nicely crafted digital publications.

In Beneficio de Cafe, you can read about my work with a small coffee production company in the mountains of Nicaragua.

Tucked away in a barrio in Esteli, Nicaragua, on the edge of a dry, dusty stream bed, is the family-owned coffee processing company of Abraham Enrique Castillo, Beneficio Centro America.

It’s not a large facility, although at one time it was twice its current size, before their land was seized and inhabited by others.  Nor is it a high-tech operation.  But it is a comfortable, homely place, with the delicious aroma of freshly roasted and ground coffee in the air.

You can find the issue of Lenswork 94 here.  (You can actually purchase a copy for your iPad for only $4.95!)  It contains my work, including 2 thoughtful audio interviews between me and editor Brooks Jensen.  It also contains work by 7 other photographers: Howard Schatz, Sue Bednarz, Bob Hills, Curtis Hans Miller, Louis Montrose, and Mark Singles.

I’ve had work published in Lenswork Magazine before: my series Welcome to Wonderland was published (and on the cover) of issue 62 in 2006.  And this past summer they published my article Buying Time: Balancing The Fine Art and The Financial in issue 89.

This series is from my time last year in Nicaragua; you can read more about my various projects and adventures in Nicaragua here.

It’s always an honor to be published in Lenswork; I hope you’ll pick up a copy and enjoy it at your leisure.



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