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Sonya & Jeff’s Wedding Photography in Astoria

A perfect Oregon Coast wedding

While their wedding was quaint and intimate, Sonya and Jeff still took full advantage of the beauty that Astoria, Oregon had to offer. From the historic Hotel Elliot to the wedding at the base of the iconic Astoria Column, everyone was treated to a well rounded experience of the Oregon Coast.  And after the wedding ceremony,  guests went up the Astoria column and threw planes off of it!
Next, we went into downtown Astoria, and photographed their bride and groom portraits on the historic boardwalk.
We got the sense from their engagement shoot that Sony and Jeff were REALLY into a good micro brew.  So after a long day of touring the city, their guests were treated to a classic NW reception at Fort George’s Brewhouse and Taproom. All the decorations were homemade, and they played a 20-Questions game where they challenged their guests by asking them questions on how well they knew Sonya and Jeff.
If anyone in the future asks us, “If we were to have a Northwest-themed wedding, what should we include?” we’ll simply pass Sonya and Jeff’s wedding photography gallery along to them.
Congratulations again to Sonya and Jeff and we hope you had a wonderful honeymoon in Vancouver B.C.!
Wedding at the Astoria Column in Astoria, Or.

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