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While in New York for another assignment, I was commenting on Facebook about the constant downpour of rain in the city.  I’d noticed that all true New Yorkers have umbrellas–because they walk everywhere.  Even their baby strollers have rain covers and windshields.  Coming from Oregon, I figured I could handle a little rain.  But then it dawned on me: in Oregon, the most we ever walk in a severe downpour (unless we’re hiking) is from the front door to the car.  In New York, you walk most everywhere, and an umbrella is a must.  Especially when you’re wearing very fashionable, very black clothing.

To my little Facebook note about the New York rain, my friend Anna Adams commented, “It’s crazy, huh?”  I thought: How would Anna, in Portland, know about the New York rain, unless she were here?  So I jotted her a note and, sure enough, she and her husband Sam had moved to NYC several months prior, to explore their options in film and modeling.

I met Anna and Sam several years ago, while working on my project Skeleton in the Closet.  I enjoyed working with them, and the text they wrote for their piece was especially poignant.

Anna and I made plans to get together in New York, and we caught up over tea.  It was great to hear how well she and Sam were doing.

Having explored the city for several days, I was itching to photograph there.  (It’s a real pleasure to photograph in places with historic architecture and varied scenery.)  So Anna and I decided to do a little shoot, to expand her portfolio.  We headed up to the West Side, and then into Central Park, taking a lot of images and trying a variety of ideas in response to the locale.  She’s a delight to photograph, and we had a lot of fun.

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Location people photography is my favorite kind of work–whether for portraits, modeling portfolios,  editorial assignments, or art projects.  Being able to work in a visually interesting city, with a fun and beautiful friend, made my time in New York that much brighter.

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