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Animals of Bangkok

I’m not usually an animal photographer kind of guy. I like animals, but am allergic. I had some hamsters as a kid, and wanted a dog, but couldn’t have one. And stray animals or pets usually don’t pique my interest when out photographing. But in Bangkok they did. I’m not sure why. But at the end of the day of shooting, I had a ton of animal photos. Especially dogs. You find them everywhere, usually lying asleep on the pavement. Funny looking dogs. And the really funny part: their owners would clothe them in a shirt to keep them warm during the chilly eighty degree days of winter. Oh, to be a dog.

But it wasn’t just dogs that caught my attention. Cats too. And chickens. Or, rather, fighting cocks. I came upon a sidewalk laden with wicker cages, full of fighting cocks, and their owners, such as the prize gamecock above.

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