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Aloha High School Senior Katelyn’s Senior Portraits

high school senior portraits in front of murals

Aloha High School Senior Photos!

Katelyn is a senior at Aloha High School.  She wanted something different for her senior photos, and her artistic side decided on graffiti and murals for our backdrop.  So we headed into Southeast Portland for senior photos, and had a blast!  We asked her a few questions about her life and her senior year, and here’s what she told us….

Any recent travel that was life-changing for you?

Katelyn’s family is very large, and very close, even thought they come from far away on the Mariana Islands.  “I visited my grandma on our home island, Saipan,” she told me as we took her senior photos, and the love for her family and family home was obvious in the way she spoke.

What are you planning to do after high school graduation?

“Live with my grandma for a couple years and help her out.”

Her Favorite Senior Photo Backdrop…

Katelyn was in love with this headless alien we found plastered to the side of a building.  I asked her at the end of our senior portrait photo session if there’s anything else she wanted to do, and she smiled and said, “Well, I got a dumpster and an alien in my photos, so I’m pretty happy!”  I love that.

high school senior portraits of an artist in front of murals

What are your biggest hopes and dreams?

“To be happy, healthy, and successful.”

What a treat to create your senior photos with you, Katelyn!  You are as colorful as the backdrops in your portraits!


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