Senior portraits in the spring at our new property…what could be better than photographing a beautiful dancer like Gaby? She’s danced with the Portland Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet School, and now she’s about to graduate.

It’s been so fun working with her family over the years: first her mom’s wedding, then her sister’s senior portraits, then her brother’s wedding last year at the Columbia Gorge Hotel, and now Gaby!

FritzPhoto-Gaby-Senior-Photos-Beaverton FritzPhoto-Gaby-014 FritzPhoto-Gaby-018 FritzPhoto-Gaby-021 FritzPhoto-Gaby-028 FritzPhoto-Gaby-029 FritzPhoto-Gaby-038 FritzPhoto-Gaby-042 FritzPhoto-Gaby-056

Ready for your senior photos?  Whether you’re in Beaverton or Portland, Hillsboro or Lake Oswego, we’d love to create some spectacular portraits for you!  Contact us today to schedule your senior portrait session!

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We caught up with Jason and Maryn recently, and asked them a little about their relationship, wedding, and reception. They’re a pretty exceptional couple, and we were honored to be the photographers at their wedding reception at Oregon Golf Club.

How did you and Jason meet?

Maryn: We were introduced by my little sister, Leanne. She went to university with Jace so they’ve known each other for about 10 years. When she gave her wedding toast, my sister said, “If I had ever imagined how perfect you two would be for each other, I would have introduced you much sooner!”

Jason: The connection was really obvious to both of us – we were inseparable pretty much right away. Maryn gave me this Fitzgerald quote (he’s one of my favorite authors) that’s framed in out house that kind of says it all:

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”  ― F. Scott FitzgeraldThis Side of Paradise


FritzPhoto-Favors-013 FritzPhoto-Favors-083 FritzPhoto-Favors-111


How did the proposal go down?


Maryn: Ha – I’m so hard to surprise, honestly! Poor Jace. He had to cancel so many different proposal plans because I was constantly suspecting something was up. More than once he had to tell me at the beginning of an evening “This is not a proposal.”


Jason was finally able to completely shock me by proposing on a random Sunday morning at our place in San Francisco. He wrote ‘Maryn, will you marry me?’ on the side of my morning coffee cup. It was the cutest thing ever – I still have the cup. It was partially hidden under the coffee sleeve so I didn’t even see it for about  an hour.


I wish I could say my first answer was yes, but honestly I had been waiting so long for that moment that I totally froze and couldn’t tell if he was just messing with me. I think my first words were “Is this for real?” and then I turned and saw his face. And time just stood still. Obviously I said yes:)


FritzPhoto-Favors-164 FritzPhoto-Favors-174 FritzPhoto-Favors-234 FritzPhoto-Favors-243 FritzPhoto-Favors-249 FritzPhoto-Favors-261 FritzPhoto-Favors-414


What was the location of your wedding and why did you choose to have a separate reception?


We got married on October 20th, 2013, on a perfect fall day at Black Butte Ranch. We only had 12 guests – our immediate family members.  We decided to have a bit of a non-traditional planned elopement, which we put together in a quick five weeks, because the pressure and stress of planning a large wedding really took away from the true reasons we were getting married. The end result was so intimate and absolutely magical. While we absolutely love all the other people in our lives who support our marriage, we don’t regret only having twelve guests for a second.


Obviously we still really wanted to celebrate with our extended family and friends so we put together an exhausting and fabulous set of events we called “Reception Weekend 2014″ – which included our evening reception at the gorgeous Oregon Golf Club. Our reception was awesome because it was purely focused on celebrating our marriage, whereas our their wedding day was solely focused on the sanctity, joy, and weight of becoming married. That separation really kept the focus right where we wanted it.



What was your favorite part of the reception?


Maryn: My favorite part of the reception was honestly that it wasn’t our wedding day. I know that sounds awful but it’s really true. My other favorite part was walking into the ballroom for our official introduction as husband and wife – I was so surprised at how emotional that moment was, and I didn’t expect to be moved to tears!


Jason: Same. I was really overwhelmed by everyone’s support for us as a couple. After the whole process of getting married with so few people involved, it surprised me to react so emotionally to have everyone there. It was awesome. I also love watching Maryn in her element – it makes me happy just to watch her be her. She’s incredible.


FritzPhoto-Favors-430 FritzPhoto-Favors-442
FritzPhoto-Favors-505 FritzPhoto-Favors-517 FritzPhoto-Favors-521 FritzPhoto-Favors-525


What do you and Jason like to do together during your free time?


We love to play with our dog, Sadie, travel (our favorite spots include Aspen, Washington DC, LA, Mexico, Charleston, and San Francisco), get together with family all over the northwest, brainstorm plot lines for Lifetime Original Movies, and continue to build an adventurous, unexpected, and beautiful life together.

Jason is a Software Engineer and I’m is a self-titled ‘Domestic Engineer’ who also pens the lifestyle blog,


FritzPhoto-Favors-584 FritzPhoto-Favors-627 FritzPhoto-Favors-630 FritzPhoto-Favors-687 FritzPhoto-Favors-703 FritzPhoto-Favors-745


Thanks again for the privilege of telling your story, Maryn and Jason!  It’s been both an honor and a pleasure.

~Your friends at FritzPhoto




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Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride forgot to bring the groom’s ring to the ceremony? We have.  And in all honesty, it was hilarious.

In spite of this, Lindsay and Sean still managed to get married. We first met Lindsay at Aaron and Crystal’s wedding a couple years ago; Lindsay loved our photography so much, she asked us to tell her wedding story as well.  What a fun and beautiful day at Skamania Lodge with a bunch of beautiful people!

Beautiful hair and makeup on this stunning bride by AJ at AJ’s Hair Design and Makeup!

It was dumping rain outside, but inside it warm and cozy…

Forgetting the rings has never been so funny!

Congratulations Lindsay and Sean!  It was a real privilege to be part of your big day with your amazing families and friends.

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We were saddened to learn this past week of the passing of Matthew Peterson, whose wedding we were honored to photograph in 2013.  (You can see their wedding story here.)  Matthew was one of the sweetest men you’d ever meet, and it was a delight to work with him and his beautiful bride, Dominique, at their wedding.  They were married at Camp Angelos, which was founded by his grandfather.  He and Dominique met there as camp counselors, so it was fitting that they were also married there.

Matthew battled brain cancer for 15 years, which made his wedding even more special.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to Dominique and the rest of his family.  Thank you for the privilege of being part of Matthew’s story.

FritzPhoto-Peterson-113 FritzPhoto-Peterson-323 Matthew Obit Web

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Senior Photos Portland

From looking at these photos, would you be able to tell that it was 39 degrees outside?

I didn’t think so.  But it was, and Allyson took it all in stride.  We photographed her senior photos at Peninsula Park, just as the sun was setting on a chilly December day, but she made it seem positively warm and comfortable.

Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also smart.  From fifth year Spanish, to the Constitution Team, this Grant High School senior is going places!

FritzPhoto-Allyson-012 FritzPhoto-Allyson-015 FritzPhoto-Allyson-031 Senior Photo Photographers Hillsboro FritzPhoto-Allyson-040 FritzPhoto-Allyson-048


Well, it’s that time of year when everyone’s senior photos are due to the yearbook.  And with our quick turnaround time, it’s easy for us to make those tight high school yearbook deadlines.  Contact us today to schedule your senior portrait session!

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FritzPhoto-Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Okay, so I have a confession to make.  I grew up in Vancouver, Washington.  This was long before the phrase ‘Vantucky’ had come into the world.  Long before Portland was Portlandia.

My favorite place in Vancouver?  The Fort.  Even though I’d only visited it a few times, Fort Vancouver was my kind of place: old buildings, live blacksmiths with hot coals, hand-made nails, that spiky log wall all the way around.  There’s nothing else like it.  It’s a real fort!

Well, when I heard that Kate and Henry were getting married at the Marshall House on Officer’s Row in Vancouver, I knew I had to take them to the Fort for some portraits.  They agreed, confessing that they’d never been there.  Never been to Fort Vancouver? I thought to myself.  Really?  I took the opportunity to briefly educate them on the fact that 200 years ago, the Fort was the center of the known universe for settlers and trappers in the Pacific Northwest.  It ruled the roost, with John McLoughlin at its helm….

But back to Kate and Henry.  These guys are cute and funny.  And so are their friends.  And crafty.  In fact, the bridesmaids were finishing up all the flowers while Kate was getting dressed!

While Kate looks lovely in this pink dress, this, I was told, was only the beginning.  And so it was.  This was the first of 3 dresses she brought with her to her wedding….

Here she is in Dress #2, her actual wedding dress.

As we were walking outside to take portraits of Kate and Henry, all of these beautiful people in period dress started walking toward us.  Of course, I had to ask if we could take a picture with them, and they agreed.  Turns out, this was a processional of dozens and dozens of folks from the Fort, all in handmade period dress.  It was awesome.

And then there’s the reception.  Not your average wedding reception, but a full British tea, scones and cucumber sandwiches and everything.  The couple brought every single piece of China in for this event.  It was lovely.

Each bridesmaid had their own special petticoat on under their vintage-fabric dresses.  We had to show them off.

I have rarely seen brides with flowers in their hair.  My own bride had them 15 years ago, and I’ve only seen a couple brides since then.  I often wonder why.  They are so superbly elegant, and far more fetching than a clump of flowers in the hand.  I highly recommend it!

And then there’s Dress #3.  A lovely pink dress that looked stunning on Kate.  As we photographed, I asked her how many dresses she had.  She demurred a moment, and then confessed, “Around 300.”  My jaw dropped.  A beautiful girl with excellent taste, and 300 dresses…I could photograph her for a very long time to come. FritzPhoto-Vancouver Wedding Photographers

To round out this lovely day, Kate and Henry invited everyone over to Enso Winery, in Portland, where Henry works.  There was wine and cheese and toasts and music–a wonderful end to a wonderful day.

FritzPhoto-enso Winery Portland Wedding FritzPhoto-Jinings-642

Kate and Henry, congratulations to you, and thank you for letting us be part of your amazing day!  Have fun in Europe on your honeymoon!

Your friends at FritzPhoto.

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  • October 3, 2014 - 4:40 am

    JoAnn Weinstein Erfer - Fantastic. Loved everything about this amazing wedding.

FritzPhoto-Portland-Wedding-Portrait-Photographer007-Katie and Chris wanted a wedding that focused on the love they shared between them but also the love of the family and friends that surround them. Their wedding was made up of hand crafted elements and meaningful music (both Katie and Chris are musicians).  And lots of laughter!  And a few tears.  It was the loveliest of days!  Thank you Katie and Chris for allowing us to be a part of it!

FritzPhoto-Portland-Weddings-Photographers 001 FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer002- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer003- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer004- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer005- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer011- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer006- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer008- FritzPhoto-Portland-Engagement-Portrait-Photographer009-

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Portland LDS Temple Wedding Photography

It’s a rare occasion when a bride and groom schedule a separate photo shoot of their bridal portraits for the day before their wedding.  But when they do…we can create something extra stunning!  We can choose the best light, and the best locations, and take our time creating something amazing.  And that’s just what we did with Kelsey and Tanner, at the Portland, Oregon LDS Temple.  Kelsey’s family and friends drove all the way from Eltopia, Washington, to get married at the beautiful Portland LDS Temple, and Tanner’s family came in from Ohio. Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography Amazing Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography

The LDS Temple in Portland, Oregon, really is an amazing building.  If you time it right, the light can be amazing.  Add in a super-cute couple, and you get the above photograph.

Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding Photography

It also helps to photograph at the Portland LDS Temple when no one else is around!  Scheduling a separate portrait session allowed us to get the above image as the sun set in the background. And last but not least, what’s a wedding without cute kids?  The day after our portrait session, Kelsey and Tanner were married at the LDS Temple.  Afterward, they had a reception for friends and family at The Foundry at Oswego Pointe, in Lake Oswego.

Congratulations, Kelsey and Tanner!  Here’s to a lifetime of happiness together.


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I’ve known Natalie for a long time.  We first met when I was working on a personal photographic project at her middle school.  She and a friend posed for an image that I’ve always liked, in the series Quite Normal.  (See if you can recognize her there.)  A year or two later, her subtle freckles caught my attention, as I was photographing the series Astra Velum.  And another year or two later, her mom called me up to say that Natalie had made it in to the Jefferson Dancers, an elite dance troupe here in Portland, Oregon.  I spent a year documenting these amazing dancers and all their hard work.  (Below is a photo of Natalie I took when working on their publicity images this past year.)

Portland Dance Photography

Now Natalie’s a high school senior, and she asked me to take her senior portraits.  I was happy to do so!  I love working with other artists, and photographing dancers is one of my favorite things.  So it was a lot of fun to create Natalie’s senior portraits–both on the ground, and in the air! Portland Senior Photos Portland Dance PhotoCongratulations, Natalie!  I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes you from here!

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Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

I’m not sure how many countries Scott and Joy have traveled to, or how many versions of scorpion or snake they’ve eaten, or how far they’ve biked in the far corners of the world…but it’s a lot.  These guys like adventure, and their wedding day was no exception.  From The Modern Man on Mississippi, to Ainsworth House and Gardens in Oregon City, this wedding was itself a destination for a fun-loving crew of friends and family.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The groomsmen (and one woman)…

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The bride and her bridesmaids inside the historic Ainsworth House.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

The Ainsworth House and Gardens features a stunning old pine tree, under which Scott and Joy said their vows.

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

Scott and Joy’s theme was world travel, with each guest seated at a different country.

Portland Photobooth Photographer

These guys killed the Photobooth! It was crowded nearly the entire reception!

Ainsworth House Wedding Photography Ainsworth House Wedding Photographer Ainsworth House Wedding Photography

Portland Oregon Photobooth

At FritzPhoto, we have so much fun capturing wedding stories with our award-winning photography.  Thanks for a fun day, Scott and Joy!

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Mike and Jamie had one of the most hilarious batches of groomsmen we’ve ever seen.  Add in a stunningly beautiful day in rural Oregon, outside of Portland, and you have the makings for a really fun party.  Click on any image to view them full-screen, and see how much fun we all had together!

FritzPhoto-Boucier-693 FritzPhoto-Boucier-686 FritzPhoto-Boucier-685 FritzPhoto-Boucier-683 FritzPhoto-Boucier-662 FritzPhoto-Boucier-650 FritzPhoto-Boucier-610 FritzPhoto-Boucier-577 FritzPhoto-Boucier-575 FritzPhoto-Boucier-561 FritzPhoto-Boucier-546 FritzPhoto-Boucier-528 FritzPhoto-Boucier-492 FritzPhoto-Boucier-434 FritzPhoto-Boucier-429 FritzPhoto-Boucier-413 FritzPhoto-Boucier-366 FritzPhoto-Boucier-349 FritzPhoto-Boucier-274 FritzPhoto-Boucier-239 FritzPhoto-Boucier-189 FritzPhoto-Boucier-186 FritzPhoto-Boucier-181 FritzPhoto-Boucier-135 FritzPhoto-Boucier-132 FritzPhoto-Boucier-130 FritzPhoto-Boucier-123 FritzPhoto-Boucier-099 FritzPhoto-Boucier-096 FritzPhoto-Boucier-069 FritzPhoto-Boucier-064

When you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Portland, Oregon area, be sure to call us at Fritz Photography.  We’ll bring our award-winning photography to capture your wedding story!

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When twins Lana and Mirna contacted us wanting some modeling photos, we jumped at the chance to photograph these gorgeous twins!  After our professional makeup artist prepped them in the studio, we set up at Edgefield, and made use of their wonderful artsy location.  One is fun, but two is…amazing.  Check out what we created together…. When you’re ready for a test shoot or modeling portfolio, give us a call at FritzPhoto!  We’d love to create something truly amazing with you.


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