Kirstin and Neal’s New Year’s Wedding Bash


What do Lebanese dance music, New Year’s Eve, a New York DJ, and lots of family and friends, have in common?  One heck of a good party, that’s what.

Back in July, we photographed Kirstin and Neal’s engagement portraits.  We knew then that their wedding was going to be quite an event, and we were not disappointed.  Held at the Embassy Suites in Tigard, it was a beautiful affair that kept guests on their toes, long after they rang in the new year together….

Here’s their story.

Look at the smile on Neal’s face as he waits to see his bride for the first time in her wedding dress!

You’d never know it was below 40 degrees outside; Kirstin and Neal’s love seemed to keep them quite warm….

Three, Two, One, Happy New Year!

A number of family and friends (including DJ Frankie; and Kirstin’s sister Julie, an event coordinator, who helped the wedding run so smoothly) flew in from New York for the party.  They added a definite east coast vibe to this party.

Next time you’re planning a New Year’s Eve wedding in Portland, New York, or wherever, let us know!  We want to tell your love story through our award-winning wedding photography!

The Greatest Gatsby Party You’ll Ever See in Portland

When Smarsh called us to photograph their Great Gatsby-themed Holiday Party, we had no idea it would be this Great.  Hosted at Yale Union in Portland, and designed and decorated by our friends at West Coast Event Productions, it was an awe-inspiring sight to behold.  From decor to dancers, jugglers to jigglers, I doubt you’ve ever been to a party quite like this!  Check it out!

Our intrepid photographers, Christa and AJ, got into the spirit of things and dressed the part!

Love the fez.  What a great touch!

Next time you’re having a corporate party, event, wedding, or anything Gatsby-themed, call us at FritzPhoto!  We can’t wait!


Vicente Avella: All the Days of My Life

A couple years ago we photographed the wedding of an amazingly talented couple, in the chapel at University of Portland. The music during the ceremony was either composed or arranged by the groom, Vicente Avella, and it was stunning.

Vicente recently recorded a new album of wedding ceremony music, All the Days of My Life, to great acclaim (check it out here). It even features our photo of his bride on the cover.  It’s soothing and lovely.

“I hold the memory of my own wedding as one of the most beautiful days of my life,” Vicente says. “I can recall every detail: the crisp October afternoon, the clear skies, the dried leaves on the ground, that first moment I saw my bride dressed in white, the love I felt, the look in her eyes, the way everyone there radiated happiness, and the thrilling rush as we ran out of the church hand in hand, starting our lives together as husband and wife. Those memories will remain with me forever. They hold within them everything that is most meaningful to me.”

We were there, running out of the church with them!  It’s a privilege not only to have worked with the Avellas at their wedding, but to also play a small part in Vicente’s success.  Congratulations, and keep up the beautiful work!


Senior Portraits with Purple Hair

There is nothing like fall light in Portland for photographing senior portraits.  It’s warm, low, and spectacular.  Combine beautiful sunlight with a beautiful young lady with purple hair, and you have one fantastic senior portrait photography session!   It was 45 degrees at Peninsula Park in NE Portland, where we took Casey’s senior photos, but that didn’t stop us from creating something stunning together….

We love photographing senior portraits in Portland, Vancouver, West Linn, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, and pretty much anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.  Call us today to schedule your senior photo session.  You’ll love it; we promise.


Emily and Dennis * South Beach Oregon Wedding Photography

Emily and Dennis were married in South Beach, a hop and a skip away from Newport, at Stone Crest Cellars, an intimate bed and breakfast overlooking the Pacific. The venue was the perfect size for the 30-40 close friends and family in attendance, who, upon Emily’s request, wore a variety of colorful hats and suits, many of which you can see in the following photos. I also learned that both of the newlyweds work for the government and that lo and behold they were put on temporary suspension due to the government shutdown, another reminder of the far-reaching effects of the hiatus. Luckily, the two of them would be taking a vacation anyway, but I hope that when they return from their honeymoon in Spain that everything will be sorted out by then. Until then, have a wonderful trip abroad, you two, and enjoy browsing the photos!

Whether you’re getting married at a faraway wedding destination, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like Dennis and Emily.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

Michael and Meghann * Portland Rhododendron Garden Wedding


Portland’s Rhododendron Garden is one beautiful place for a wedding.  Michael and Meghann gathered with their friends and family for a truly unique wedding, at the edge of the stream and surrounded by Oregon’s stunning rhododendrons.  Unique touches of vintage beautifulness abounded.

Congratulations to a fun, loving couple!

Whether you’re getting married at a faraway wedding destination, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like Michael and Meghann.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

Conor and Thalia * World Forestry Center Wedding

Thalia and Conor were surrounded by their closest friends and family as they tied the knot at the World Forestry Center. They started their day together with a private First Look in the Vietnam Veterans of Oregon Memorial Park. From the first look to the first dance the whole day ran smoothly (thanks to the coordinators at EJP Events!). The whole wedding was filled with beautiful details. I especially loved the table centerpieces and the flowers.

It was wonderful watching how happy they were together. It is obvious that they are both incredibly caring people. Many heart felt speeches were given followed by a night of fun on dance floor. It was such a pleasure working with Thalia and Conner.  Congratulations!

World Forestry Center Portland Wedding Photography

Whether you’re getting married at The World Forestry Center, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like this.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to see more photos from the World Forestry Center and to learn more!

Matt and Dominique * Oregon Wedding Photography

This was a very special wedding for Matt and Dominique. It took place at Camp Angelos out in Corbett, a beautiful space with open fields, cabins, lots of woods, and the Sandy River running along the edge. Matt and Dominique have been involved with the Camp since it was first founded, helping build trails with family and friends from when they were children.

It was wonderful to see Matt and Dominique so in love with each other, and when you include great food, good friends, loving family, and a beautiful location, it’s just a winning combination for a wedding!  (Plus, look for the photo of their custom Saucesome below!  A great party favor….)

Whether you’re getting married at Camp Angelos, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like this.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

Justin and Melisa * Portland Wedding Photography

This wedding was Melisa’s woodland vision come to life. Nestled in the backyard, surrounded by closest friends and family, Melisa and Justin pronounced, “For as long as we both shall live, or until the Zombie Apocolypse.”  Laughter rippled through the crowd as the couple shared hugs and smiles among their guests.

As the evening wore on, August sunset set the stage for some romantic portraits along the bark-chip path leading to the backyard. There’s nothing like being wrapped in the arms of your beloved, just taking a second to embrace the moment. We completed the evening with sparklers on the front lawn, and lots of laughter as we perfected the shot.

This day would not have been possible without the help of some wonderful Portland vendors– specifically coordinator extraordinaire Natalia from Bridal Bliss, Vicki at Two Chicks and a Rooster Catering,  and Lora from Sophisticated Floral Designs.  Their contributions helped make Justin and Melisa’s dream wedding a reality.

Many thanks and congratulations to a visionary couple and their deep love and friendship for each other!

Whether you’re getting married at a faraway destination, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like Justin and Melisa.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

Kevin and Rachael * Seattle Wedding Photography

Seattle Wedding Photography FritzPhoto

Earlier this year, I shot Rachael and Kevin’s engagement session at Powell’s Books and at the Broadway Bridge. We had such a good time and the photos turned out so well that I was eagerly anticipating their wedding at the Seattle Tennis Club. We started the day at the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel in downtown Seattle where we took photos on the balcony encircled by flowers and then the spiral staircase with wood-grain walls, marble steps and glass railings. Afterward we segued over to the tennis club and took goofy bridal party photos on the courts and dramatic portraits of Rachael and Kevin on the docks. The newlyweds were married on a grassy bank surrounded by a white fence and roses beyond which sailboats coasted the gentle blue waves of Lake Washington as the evening sun set behind the nearby hills. It couldn’t have been more idyllic. It was a truly beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple. Congratulations to Rachael and Kevin!

Whether you’re getting married at Seattle Tennis Club, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like Kevin and Rachael.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

Stephen and Maryanne * Portland Wedding Photography

The day started with a patched up boutonniere (go Susan!) and a much needed handkerchief.  Steve wiped away the happy tears spilling down Maryanne’s cheeks as they clasped hands during their first look. Their 3 year engagement was finally over.  The fountain hushed the background noise as Steve held her in his arms.  Maryanne’s rich Italian heritage was beautifully evident as family gathered round, sharing kisses and tears alike.

Surrounded by family and intimate friends, they said their vows atop the 30th floor in the iconic Portland City Grill. It was like stepping into an Italian family reunion: Uncle John “Big John” nicknamed me “Philly” in his New York accent, joking about my east-coast relatives and insisting that I was now “one of the family”.

Toasts, laughter and clinking glasses (you know what that means) filled the room as the united couple greeted their guests.

After dinner we captured a few minutes of evening light at street level, Maryanne emanating effortless glamour. I loved watching them together; they moved and thought in sync. This was never more evident than in their spectacular first dance. The guests erupted into cheers as they concluded, an incredible display of ballroom to swing-aerials and back.

This wedding was a stunning combination of glamour and heart-warming love. Such a beautiful reflection of this amazing couple. Congratulations Steve + Maryanne!



Whether you’re getting married at Portland City Grill, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like Steve and Maryanne.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!


Tom and Beth * Youngberg Hill Wedding Photography

Youngberg Hill Vineyard Wedding

While shooting Beth and Tom’s wedding I learned that a good deal of their courtship was spent long distance, which made this wedding particularly special because you could tell how excited they were to move their relationship to the next level. Having been in a long-distance relationship myself in the past, I know that they can at times be difficult and require a lot of dedication for them to work. So it was really cool to see a couple that was able to find love despite the distance between them.

They also chose an absolutely beautiful location for their wedding and reception. Tucked away in the rolling hills of McMinville, Youngberg Hills features a ton of scenery ideal for photos, including rows of grape vines, a makeshift swing hanging from a tall tree, a meadow surrounded by forest, and an idyllic guesthouse wrapped about with patios and balconies overlooking a wide swath of fertile land. Despite being threatened by a potential rainstorm on the horizon, we were treated to some golden sunrays that peaked through the clouds just as the newlyweds took to the dance floor.

Whether you’re getting married at Youngberg Hill, or your own backyard, we enjoy capturing the love shared between couples like this.  Visit us today at our wedding photography website to learn more!

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